Tuesday, March 14, 2006

weekly digest...

i know. i know. i'm terrible at blogging.
i really do need to get on top of things and post more often.

so sorry.

added to my list of things to improve----which is growing way too long.

anywho.........it's been a while, so here again is the quick run down.

saturday, mar 5

a spontaneous visit with the girls to papa's house.
my papa. their great papa. my mom's dad.
even though i don't make time to spend with them often (on that list of things to improve), i still love that the girls fall in love with papa and verna all over again everytime they are together. didn't take long at all for them to warm up.

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and i walked away from that visit with the most amazing treasure a great grandaughter could have---an autobiography of my great papa crist. holy guacamole! i'm not too into geneology, but to have a history of a family member's life written by them. how cool. can't wait to have time to read it all.

sunday, mar 6
a GREAT day.
doug working overtime.
and me--well, let's just say, i'm pretty darn proud of this.
had myself up, showered, fixed pancakes, sausage and eggs for me and the girls, had them both up and eating, and then dressed (emma changed twice because she can't do anything without making a mess) and to church on time!

sunday afternoon lunch at my dad's. yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!
chicken scampi. green beans. fried rice. yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.
connie can cook some good fixins'.
tried to watch a movie with the girls, but bliss can never last a full day.
dude. emma LOVES popcorn. wow, i think that is an understatement.
she really, really, really loves popcorn.
after the novelty of the popcorn wore off, they were toast.
ready for a nap.

oh...later that evening. stole some cuteness from justin michael!
my brother's little man.
total cuteness.
get a load of this. he is only 3 days older than emma.
dude is like 32 pounds.
wearing 2T clothes.
only 15 months old.
but soooooooooooo cute.
total ham for the camera.
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wed mar 9.
ashlyn loves to be bossy and if she's trying to tell you something and you don't immediately pay attention to her she orders "catch a bubble daddy, i'm trying to tell you something."
it's what her teachers do at preschool.
it also works for us.
most of the time.
but it is hysterical to hear her tell doug.
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sunday mar 12
ashlyn shows no signs of giving up the baby doll hair.
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monday mar 13
sick day from school.
fun stuff all day long.
i am a brave soul.
a very brave soul.
decided to crack out the acrylic paint.
no drop-cloth.
the most hysterical times i've had thus far with em.
here is the play by play... oh....have to preface this by saying it was sooooo nice out yesterday.
windy, but warm...like 72.
72=windows open. yeah baby.
em after first picking up the paintbrush.
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then she gets paint on her hand and doesn't like it so much. tries to shake it off.
in the midst of doing that, the wind whips up and a breeze comes through the window.
ruffles the little bit of fuzz on the top of her head.
shocked her.
so she reaches up to see what is moving her hair.
you see where this is headed right?
check it out.
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cute. right? yeah.
cute for a moment.
ashlyn thought it was funny. me too.
so that got emma laughing.

the wind kept blowing.
she thought she'd pull a trick and just keep her hand there to hold it still.
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a little more painting.
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a little more laughing.
then, you guessed it.....a little more paint on the hand.
so what else to do with it?
rub it all over the head of course!
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at this point me and ashlyn are laughing so hard we are crying.
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the next hour was spent in the kitchen sink, rinsing off.
fun times.


  1. Those pictures of Emma are downright hilarious!! I hope you scrap them!

  2. Oh my goodness...what a hoot! You are such a fun mommy! :)


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