Sunday, June 04, 2006

first crush...

i don't know how i forgot to share this story. it is sooooo adorable. it happened about 3 weeks ago.
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okay, so most of you know about our love affair with Don Pablos right? well, if you didn't we've made it our family date to go to Don Pablos every single Wednesday for the past year------until the past few months since doug's schedule has changed. anywho...every single Wednesday the 4 of us go for lunch and always sit in pat's section. (sidenote: pat is a friend doug went to highschool with.) the best waiter you will EVER have wait on you----no lie. every wednesday it is the same thing.....a coke, cherry coke, kids sprite and kids water.....2 kids queso dips, an order of fajita's to share and unlimited white chicken chili with the toppings on the side. depending on the appetite we end with a bowl of icecream for ashlyn and sopapillas to share. the brandy butter sauce drizzled on those sopapillas are to DIE for! yummmmy. anywho.....we hadn't been to "pat's house" in a long time (due to doug's schedule change) and one afternoon, suzi came over and twisted my arm.

pat was there, so of course we asked to sit in his section. ashlyn got all excited because she hadn't seen pat in a few months. so during normal conversation at the table, pat asking us where we've been, etc. ashlyn blurts out "pat, will you come over to my house and have a sleepover?" what????? i couldn't help but laugh. my girl, who is usually backwards around anyone that isn't family is stepping out of her comfort zone. i guess pat is like family----we see him more than we see our family that lives out of town. back to the story. i was chatting with pat, he was asking about doug, so i asked him if he could give me his number so i could have doug call him and we'd have him and his wife over for dinner sometime. his response "i just live across the street." huh??? what??? "yeah, i just live directly across the street....the white house....the white truck out front." seriously dude? "yeah, been there since january." that would explain why a few months back when i was working on the front yard landscaping with doug, i looked up to wave (always friendly to our neighbors) and then when i looked back to doug i said----that's pat. doug said, nah, that's not pat. it must be his twin brother then, because it sure did look like him. i was right all along.

okay, back to the a little sidetracked. so after ashlyn asked pat to have a sleepover, he laughed it off and said, i tell ya what, after my softball game tonight, i'll stop over and say hi to your daddy. so alllllllll afternoon, ashlyn was preparing for pat to come over. cleaning up her toys, putting on makeup, afraid to mess up her hair, pouting because it was taking too long, changing into a dress, making pat a special picture. we tried everything to sidetrack her little brain. photo shoots. playing outside on the swingset. jumping on the trampoline. icecream from the icecream man. everything.

finally, 8pm or so, pat knocks on our door. oh my. you would have thought she was a kid in a candy store. all over it! she sat by his side the whole time he was here with that backwards little grin she gets on her face....beaming with joy that her pat was finally at her house.

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