Friday, June 02, 2006

ohhhhhhhh, the innocence.

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ashlyn has with her baby. if not, let's just say, she goes NO WHERE without the doll, no where. so, tuesday on the way to visit my mom, out of nowhere, the conversation went like this....
ash: "honey, when will my baby be real"
me: "what honey" (couldn't really hear her over emma's babbling)
ash: "when will my baby be real like you and daddy."
me: "honey, your baby will never be real, she's just pretend" (heartbroken that i had to disappoint her)
ash: "but why honey? i want her to be real so i can play with her everyday." (i could tell she was on the verge of tears)
me: "honey, she will never be real because she doesn't have a heart that beats, or a brain, or lungs to breathe."
ash: "but honey, can we just go to the hospital and get her some surgery and ask the doctors to give her a heart"......"can we puhhh-lease, can we."
me: "no honey"
(and yes, i'm not exaggerating------the diaglogue was exacting as typed above. YEP....ashlyn calls me honey, and i looooooooooove it!)
my girl. i'll tell you. 4yrs old. seems so mature for her age at times, but then we have a little conversation....a question sparked out of nowhere that reminds me she's yet still so innocent. it makes me all warm inside knowing that she's still figuring things out in the world. that i'm the one to direct her thoughts. that i'm the most important teacher she will ever have. always inquisitive, always thinking, reminding me what it was like to be a little girl.

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