Wednesday, December 27, 2006

photo continuation...

dec 26
somebody tell me...when did she get big enough to ride a big wheel? *sigh*
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dec 25
there are so many pictures to share from this day, but this one says a lot about the kind of daddy doug is. he is always doing special things to make ashlyn's life magical. i couldn't have asked for a better father for my children!
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also, you should have already received this in your inbox, but just in case you didn't......
This is the first year I haven't been able to send Christmas cards due to a nasty cold and flu bug attacking our family for the past 2 weeks. So the attached Christmas card will have to do. My appologies.

We are thinking about each and every one of you and praying that your family makes some magical Christmas memories today! May God's peace and love rest in your heart and mind today and throughout the coming year!

With much Love,
Doug, Tania, Ashlyn and Emma
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dec 24
christmas eve at grandma pearce's.....every single year. always. love that. this is me, nannette (my only cousin on my dad's side) and grandma.
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dec 23
who needs a boy to have frogs and snakes around. not me! my oldest princess playing with her boy toys in her barbie swimming pool, haahaaaaa.
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dec 22
getting ready to wrap presents. my dad stopped by to snatch the kids away to go driving to see christmas lights. perfect opportunity to wrap don't ya think?
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dec 21
decided to get creative with some of ashlyn's excess craft stash. just simple felt flowers with buttons. thinking of sewing them to some barrettes for her hair.
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dec 20
a pretty normal sight in our household. i have no problem getting the laundry washed, it is the folding and putting away that falls by the wayside. so inevitably i end up with 8+ loads to fold and put away at once. ugh.
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  1. ok ok on the subject of Laundry December 24th Santa had to fold all of ours before he left presents.
    Glad your girls had a great Christmas

    Love ya guys-nena


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