Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i did it!!!!

i completed a photo a day for the whole month of december!
and it was fun!
those who know me well will find it hard to believe that i don't take a million pictures, EVERY day.
i really don't.
some days it was 1130pm and i remembered i hadn't taken a picture.
but, i did it!
don't know why i feel such a sense of accomplishment, but it do.
doesn't take much to excite me these days, hey?

so i've decided that i am going to attempt to carry on this little photo a day concept through the New Year.
i might not always have the "perfect" photo to share, but it will be a photo nonetheless.
i want to capture more of the essence of our daily lives.
the chaos.
miss drama queen in action.
the meltdowns.
real life.
life that isn't always perfect with everything in it's place.
cause around here, NOTHING is ever in it's place.
it drives me bonkers.
i KNOW it drives doug crazy.
especially when my cell phone goes missing.
but in my defense, i have been pretty good about not losing my keys, right honey?

hmmmmmm....maybe that's why i feel such a sense of accomplishment.
i finished something and it stayed finished.
i did something and it stayed right where i put it.
wow. what a concept.
you see around here, the house could look like a tornado hit and i have no problem cleaning it.
but with little kids, you clean one room and move to the next and the first room is a disaster again in a matter of minutes!

how in the world do they make such a mess in 2 minutes flat?
but it takes an hour to clean it up again?

but i am still somewhat organized.
i thrive on organization.
thus the name of my blog.....organized chaos.
is there really such a thing.
there is.
trust me. with 2 young kiddos is so very unpredictable.
this year i'm going to try.....yes, i said try----not be perfect at it instantly----, but try to go with the flow a little more around here. let go of a bit of the i-have-to-have-everything-in-its-place-perfectionist attitude that is deep within me. it will be a challenge for me. its a personality thing. it is hard to change a type A personality that has been attached to you for 29 years. but i'll try.

other than resolutions have been made yet. i haven't really taken the time to sit and reflect....guess that will come soon in another post.

so now, it's 8AM and i need to get out the door to take emma to the doctor.

here's the end of 2006 in photos!
dec 27:
ashlyn is totally into the pretty princess thing lately. i'm trying to teach her that her clothes and her "make-up" don't make her the pretty princess---it is what is in her heart. that's what matters to God.
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dec 28:
this picture is a whole post in and of itself. next time. wishing fairy dora.
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dec 29:
the studio in all it's messy glory. i honestly don't know how it got this way. i really don't. ashlyn and i spent one night in there having fun. the rest is miss emma sneaking her little hands into anything and everything that she could reach. it's clean now though. really wasn't as bad as it looks.
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dec 30:
my new favorite spot in my house. this grouping makes me smile every time i see it. my little duck that sits on top of the cabinetry in my bathroom. now if i could just decide on a paint color we could be done with the bathroom. i have paint chips tacked up like this in 3 rooms of the house. i like to take my time deciding on the color to make sure it is really what i want.
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dec 31:
ahhhhhhhhh......dinner out with phil and lori. bliss. i love hanging out with the two of them. we don't do it often enough, but we always LOVE when we have the chance to escape parenting for a few hours and be refreshed by their conversation and fellowship. they are the kind of people that just make you want to be a better person yourself.
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january photos coming in another post!

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