Saturday, January 06, 2007

wow. it seems like january is flying by.

why does time go by so gosh darn fast?

don't have much time to share tonight, but i wanted to get some photos posted before i get too far behind.

i have a few christmas stories yet to share.
another day.

jan 1:
started untrimming the tree in the playroom.
embarrassed to say they still haven't been put in storage. just untrimmed the main tree yesterday----AND got it in storage already.
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jan 2:
man, how times change. do you remember the old spirographs? this is the new version. doodle doug is his name. totally battery operated. one of ashlyn's christmas presents from grammy.
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jan 3:
family date night. almost always at don pablos. we order the same thing every time---and even used to have the same waiter every time. but pat is no longer a server there so our visits have been cut waaaaaaaay back. it just isn't the same without pat serving.
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jan 4:
at least once a day i find her sitting quietly on the bathroom floor playing with my "pretties". little stinker.
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jan 5:
this is HUGE. ashlyn (who has a sensory disorder) washed her own hair and dumped cupful after cupful of water over her head without a washcloth covering her eyes and without freaking out. and she's smiling about it. HUGE i tell ya. HUGE.
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until next time.

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