Friday, June 22, 2007

ebb and flow.

do you notice the whole ebb and flow of things around your home? i know i do. this week has definitely been flowing. getting things organized and in order before the whole energy around here changes. i think i might actually get all my laundry folded and put away before the day is over which means ALL the laundry in the house, except for what we are wearing will be clean, folded, AND put away. man, i think i need to celebrate! no?

it's that time again. trade show is coming up---less than a month away, which means i'll be busy, busy, busy. things really won't be flowing nicely around here. more like total chaos. i've got projects to do for 2 manufacturers and 7 projects for an upcoming ideabook that i was asked to contribute too. so, approximately 50 projects. 43 by july 2! WOWEEEE! and the real kicker----i don't even have the product yet for them. i love it though! totally love it. it's such a blessing to be able to do something you love.

let's see. what else is going on?

i totally fell off the photo a day wagon. haven't been doing so great at that lately. i don't even think i've shared may's photos on here. such a chore to resize them, then upload to the hosting site, then paste here......blah, blah. i'll find the energy sometime, i hope. still thinking of switching to a different blog program to make it easier. but if you know me well, you know i'm very frugal. FREE blogging is better than paying to blog. but my time is worth more than the FREE blogging is worth---at least that's what i'm thinking. stay tuned for that decision.

debating on going to watch the movie on the barn tonight in the town over from us. every friday through the summer at dusk they show a family movie. tonight is over the hedge....which we own, so we'll see. maybe.

snuggling an extra whiney toddler today and listening to her say "ouwee, toe, hurts" like every two minutes because half of her toenail and several layers of the tip of her toe got ripped off after accidentally getting it run over by a training wheel on big sister's bike. it looks painful. she's hobbling around walking with her little toe flexed back so it doesn't touch the ground. poor thing. it's amazing what a popcicle and rainbow band-aid can do to calm her down.

went grocery shopping last night. wasn't home but a few minutes and the kids were like vultures on roadkill. guess it has been a while since we've had what they consider "good snacks" in the cabinets. hahaaaa. they were all over the chocolate teddy grahams.

emma has learned the whole "whyyyyyy" whine. she's got it down pat thanks to big sis. whenever i say no, they reply in stereo.."whyyyyyy". still cute coming from emma. and i find myself saying "because i said so, that's why!" didn't we all growing up have a list of phrases we would never say as adults??? i did. that was one of them, but i find myself saying it quite often. funny how that goes.

thankful we decided to pass our cedar point tickets from doug's work along to someone else to take advantage of. hard to give up FREE tickets, but i know we made the right decision....especially now with emma's boo-boo.

looking forward to a weekend with no overtime and nothing planned. whatever are we going to do with ourselves? i'm thinking something lazy like watch some movies. but we all know i can't sit still long enough for a movie. but i have been wanting to watch Pursuit of Happyness. anyone seen it yet?

we really should do something productive like weed the flower bed and mulch, paint emma's room, make emma's curtains and hang the rods to hang them, or clean the garage. but none of that sounds as fun as being lazy and doing nothing. i don't do that enough.

so, emma is chasing ash around the house growling at her and threatening to smack her upside the head with a pingpong paddle. ash is screeching at the top of her lungs, totally terrified of her 2 yr old sister. emma's giggling so hard she can barely breathe. funny. off to save ash from the torture.

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