Friday, August 31, 2007

all about ashlyn...

had loads of fun with this one. remember making magazine collages in grade school? so this is the same concept....just a little more focused and not so random. it drove me batty when we were bombarded with catalog upon catalog upon catalog at christmas time last year. finally i pulled an edward scissorhands number on them and hacked away at them with my circle punches and tried to get all creative. this was the end result----and i think it is my favorite layout EVER!

so typical ashlyn. we seriously can't walk 2 steps into any store without her going through this exact dialogue. cracks me up and drives me insane all at the same time. any shopping trip is definitely sensory overload for her.
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the picture on this layout is my all-time fav of far.
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and, man, why do these moments have to be so few and far between?
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  1. all of these are awesome layouts! you are soooo talented!!!!!


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