Friday, August 24, 2007

cool finds...

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grandma spoiled me with this book at hobby lobby yesterday. if you have kids, it is a MUST have. it is packed full of brilliant ideas for crafts. i mean, i've gotten pretty creative with art projects for the kids, but this book has me beat. look for some finished projects coming soon.

and some websites i find inspiring for kids craft ideas:


Family Fun



Kids Craft Weekly

if you've been reading along for any length of time, you'll surely remember ashlyn's irrational fear of any sort of matter how little it is. remember we've had to send "bug spray" to pre-K with her----a spritzer bottle with water. well, big papa solved that problem when he picked up these cutie patootie little toys (one for each of them).

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this thing is the coolest toy ever. it vacuums bugs right off the ground or trees and has a catch/release switch that is a magnifying glass. so when they capture their bug, they can look through the end of the vacuum and see their little critter magnified. they have the mini version of the vacuum and it is from a series of toys called Backyard Safari by Summit Toys. he found it at walmart, but i'm sure you could get it at target or toys r us too.

then, last night ash and i ran to wally world for some diapers and a few of her school supplies. she had her heart set on spending the $3 that she dug from her bank and talked me into a trip to the dollar store. it was the first trip that she understood the value of her money and she only had so much to spend and she had to choose wisely. and i was impressed with her decision making. she settled on some glitter glue, some decorative river rocks to paint, and this......

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we spent a sweet hour of practing over, under, over, under, over. reinforcing the concept of patterns. yes an hour. she sat in one place, focusing on one thing for an hour. progress. i think the therapy is finally helping her make some progress with her sensory disorder. and she is oh, so stoked to have made a "quilt" for her barbies out of this loom/loop potholder kit. it has got to be the best dollar ever spent.

and another layout i made for the March Newsletter at Scrapsupply

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks for sharing your blog link with me. I just spent the last 45 minutes or so on it b/c I couldn't stop reading. :) I love your heart layout - and that craft books sounds awesome! I know I had other comments while reading, but I don't remember them now. lol


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