Tuesday, August 28, 2007

older layout share...

this week, i don't feel like blogging a whole lot. yesterday i touched base with my family doctor and my blood pressure was 121/100. holy crap. and they don't seem to be the least bit concerned. i'll be seeing my cardiologist on thursday. let's hope he will have a better game plan than just ignorance.

anywho. so why am i blogging when i don't feel like it? well, i've been updating regularly and don't want to get out of the habit.

so instead of thoughtful/informative posts this week, i'll flood you with some layouts i've made over the last year, but never shared on here.

sound good?
great. i thought you'd like that.

do you remember this story? or this one?

yep. it's forever in the history scrapbook. she's gonna kill me someday. heh, heh.
but, i at least did it tastefully.....you've got to open up the photo flap on the page to reveal all the extra photos and the whole story.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


  1. lol! I remember seeing this on SS when you posted it. Man - I should have taken photos when Jarvis did this I don't know how many times when he was little. Ugh. Not fun! Ha.

    Man - that is high! My blood pressure is always low (like 88/55 or so)... and of course the drs just claim ignorance as well and I just hope I don't pass out - ha. Well, hopefully the cardiologist will know something. Keep me updated! :)

  2. WHAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! :) I remember laughing about that story with you and it still has the same effect on me! The sad thing is I can relate because my oldest did it and I freaked out! (wasn't funny when it happened)-nena


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