Sunday, September 02, 2007

miss emma....

and her not so pretty mouth full of......hmmmmmm.......what exactly is that?
any guesses?
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here. let me spare you the brain cramp.
it's a lovely handful of this...
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oh, and she's not partial to just the tub of butter.
she'll gladly unwrap a stick of the artery clogging yumminess and take a bite.


but word has it that it is an inherited trait.
from little papa.
(and i would insert a picture of him here if i had one. *ahem* it's time for that photoshoot dad.)


  1. Oh my gosh, Tania, my twin sister and I used to do the same thing. We'd work together to get the butter from the fridge [or wherever my mom thought was clever to hide it from us].

  2. Oh so gross. Brittany told me she did that when she was little, but I never caught her - ha!

  3. That daughter of yours is something special, I heard a rumor that you used to drink pickle juice straight from the jar when you were done with the pickles. Is that true miss tania?

  4. Who said she waited for the pickles to be gone??


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