Tuesday, September 04, 2007

soooooooo, i'm raising a klutz.

raising a klutz.
AND not planning on buying a lottery ticket anytime soon.
sooooo not feeling lucky.
not at all.
no way.

seems like we've had the worst luck lately.

tonight came in the form of my accident-prone child (emma, that is) walking herself right into her bedroom door warranting a trip to urgent care. three stitches and a pink popcicle later we are back home.

she handled sttiches much better than i did as a kid. she was a little annoyed when they taped a cottonball saturated in lidocaine to her forehead, but the getting the actual stitches, she barely whimpered.

i, on the other hand, had to be put in a straigtjacket with several nurses holding me down to get my ear stitched up from falling off the porch into the bushes at grandma's when i was 3 years old.

nighty night.
i'm off to get things in order for the big first day of school in the morning!

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  1. Awww... thankfully none of my kids have had to have stitches (knock on wood!). Hopefully Emma heals. up. quickly. (<--- that was for you ;))

    Can't wait to see school photos. :)


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