Saturday, December 08, 2007

artwork & countdown calendar

oooooooooooh, forgot to mention yesterday. someone left a comment with a link to the artwork in my livingroom......the one i didn't have any information on. had to be dad. he can find anything on the internet.

found here at mine is matted with a nice thick 4" off-white mat and a 2" nice rich brown, almost black, frame. i looooooooooove it. thanks again connie!

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as i've mentioned, i still haven't put up our advent calendar. maybe i should do that today. here's what i'll be doing again...

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it's really simple. just a long ribbon, wooden clothes pins, cardstock with numbers stamped on them (handwritten would work too) and all the little kid socks missing their matches in the sock basket (or you could use ones that aren't missing matches). oh and a couple thumbtacks to tack the ribbon to the wall.

and i'm posting a few more ideas for me to refer to for next year.

i'm totally in love with the mitten idea. but not for $59 from i'm thinking we have at least 10 mitten sets with out their other half, and the rest i can get from the thrift store.

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and this idea from martha stewart. little paper mache boxes, painted and numbered, then attached to the wall with a simple thumtack on the inside.

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  1. I *love* that piece of art!!! And the Martha boxes on the wall idea is so totally awesome - I'm so doing that next year! :)


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