Saturday, January 05, 2008

projects for 2008.

  • make felt finger puppets

  • finish painting circles on the playroom wall

  • paint upstairs hallway

  • make back-up CDs of 2007 photos

  • order 2007 photos

  • put 2006 photos in albums

  • donate baby stuff to someone in need

  • file 2007 bills/paperwork

  • cut salvagable outgrown clothes into 5" squares for quilt

  • take a photography class

  • reverse my coca cola addiction

  • print updated photos for the photo wall in the livingroom

  • find/make a headboard for emma's bed

  • purge product from the studio

  • learn to crochet and make an afghan

  • find a storage solution for the kid's artwork that i want to save

  • create a custom artpiece for the empty frame in the bathroom

  • decide on what to do with all the publications i've been featured in (i.e. keep the whole thing OR just the cover page and the page i was published on)

  • patch the seams and nailholes on the moulding in ashlyn's bedroom.

  • continue to strip wallpaper in the kitchen

  • strip/prime/paint kitchen cabinets
  • spending more time with my sewing machine

wow. that's a lot. and there's so much more i want to add to this list.

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  1. Great list! I should make a project list. Have to mention - the best thing I ever did for my body was give up the coca-cola. Not kidding. It's been over three years now and it's been a LONG time since I craved it (and I was as addicted as anyone could be)... you can do it! :)


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