Friday, January 04, 2008


haven't felt much like blogging, so i thought maybe a list of randomness would fix that.
  • it's 18degrees here today. feels like 5.
  • ashlyn is home from school one last day. she's been home since dec 20. and i can already tell it's gonna be a bear to get her back in the routine.
  • i've been off for 2 weeks. vacation at home as a family the first week. and my sitter on vacation the second week.
  • haven't accomplished much of anything in 2 weeks except rearranging our bedroom furniture.
  • hmmmmmm, maybe that's why my back hurts so bad again.
  • when do kids learn to pick up after themselves without being reminded?
  • family movie nights are the best----tonight will be the 5th night in a row.
  • two hoots for not having to wrestle emma to the floor anymore to choke down that nasty chaulky ear infection antibiotic. yeh!!!!
  • lots of little tasks to tend to today. i'll be thrilled if i can just get all game pieces that are floating around back into their proper places.
  • i love the thrift store. nothing better than getting a $40.00 toy for a buck. or a $20 game for 60 cents. love that.
  • really need to make a list of things i've been wanting to do and focus on widdling that list down throughout this year (i'll save the list for another post)
  • wanting to jump back in to the 365 a day. why is that so hard? i did it through july last year, but then failed miserably the rest of the year.
  • watched the Waitress all by myself the other night----AND stayed awake through the whole thing. i was pleasantly surprised at how much i like it.
  • suzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzi. come home! please. no really though. i miss her a lot. she was gone for 10 days at Christmas, home for a day or two and while we were out shopping she got a call that her grandpa was not given but a few hours to live. so back on the road they went. praying for their family during this loss.
  • trying to get emma to bed the other night, she was sad and whining. and kept folding her arms across her chest like she does when she's not happy with your response or just being defiant in general. along with it saying over and over....."i want my suzi." awwwwww, if that don't melt your heart i don't know what will.
  • doug's gonna grill chicken tonight.
  • did i mention that it's 18 degrees here?

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