Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007.

it's been one roller coaster of a year for me and i'm thrilled to see it come to a close.

this morning as i was trying to remain positive and reflect on the past year, and seeing how i have a horrible short-term memory, i was struggling to recall anything. it was beginning to appear that i accomplished a whole lotta nothing this year.

but then this evening i was reading an inspiring blog and realized that i might benefit just a bit to do much of the same reflection through stories posted here on the good ole blog--that i post to not often enough. i was able to replay many events in 2007.

things like my first ever trip to the pacific ocean to attend the Craft & Hobby Association trade show in Anaheim california with my best friend, miss suzi, by my side--and a little travel adventure to Hollywood during the trip.

sent my 3rd book (2nd co-authored book) to print! (totally forgot about that one)

and i never want to forget when i felt such an intense burden for the Gallacher family wishing i could do something to make a difference in their lives as they watched their son Joey struggle and eventually lose his battle with cancer. along with the help the amazing women in the scrapbooking world, i spent much of April and May totally engrossed in leading the most incredible outreach program i've ever been a part of Looking back through blog entries here, i was reminded of the final total raised for their family. $12,026 led my my efforts. (thank you Lord).

later in may, doug surprised me with tickets to Cirque de Soleil Corteo, which was amazing. we hit the 6 month therapy mark with ashlyn and had a much better understanding of how to avoid her sensory meltdowns. as of october, she was totally done with therapy, and while she isn't over her sensory issues, she is much improved. then we made the difficult decision to hold her back from kindergarten and send her to a special needs pre-K, but still don't regret that decision at all. Spent lots of fun times with little grandma and we're totally sulking now that she's in florida until april.

in july, ashlyn had an announcement , i got the call that would change my life forever and in the days following are a total blur as we said our final goodbyes.

i turned the big 30!

landed 2 advertisements in Creating Keepsakes, September and October. came-out of the depression closet. and witnessed a miracle. was sent roundtrip tickets for me and the girls to fly to seattle to spend time away with my beautiful friend nena. it was during that trip that ashlyn was disappointed that there is no one in heaven.

the last 2 months with the holidays have been much of a blur with not a lot of blogging happening and a deep sense of depression about me. i wish there was a pill i could take to make the depression just go away.

after all that i'm encouraged once again to step into 2008 with my chin high, my tears wiped away and hopes that i might not fail all the goals i have yet to set for myself for the new year.

here's to a deeper love for family, a better understanding of myself and what makes me tick, and a brand new beginning. a fresh start. bring it on 2008. i'm ready to say "Goodbye 2007."


  1. Wishing us all a positive year, surrounded by those we love. You are an amazing woman, Tania! :)

  2. Happy New Year, Tania! Great recap of the year - makes me want to do the same on my blog.

    Here's to a better year in 2008! :)

  3. You had a lot happen this last year! and guess what you made it to 2008 in one piece! (ok partly)
    But you made it hope this year is full of more ups then downs- we love and miss you and your girls-n


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