Saturday, January 12, 2008

the reason my house is in disarray.

cause there is always a reason ya know.

not just because i ignore it and spend too much time on the internet.
not just because i spend many minutes out of every hour of my day trying to pull the sass out of my 5 year old.........who is going to be 6 just two weeks from today. 6!?!!!!! how did i get to be mother of a 6 year old? beats me.

back to the reason my house is in disarray.
last saturday my almost 6 year old had a little meltdown in her room while trying to get dressed, clothes being ripped from the dresser and flying everywhere in disgust. she's growing. and nothing fits. what!?!!!! i *just* bought her all new pants. the girl wore them for a whole 2 weeks before busting out of them. i even bought them BIG with the adjustable waist and all. mind you, it isn't the adjustable waist she's in need of. more like an adjustable length. she's a tall one. in the spring/summer it isn't such a big deal having floods cause you can just roll them with that thick california style roll and call them clam-diggers. winter. not so much.

sheesh. i'm having trouble staying on track. so, i took a little trip out to find her some new jeans. normally i go thrifting when they are in this growing, growing, growing stage, but i didn't have the patience for it last weekend. plus i was sure i'd still find some holiday sales. and i did. but while i was out, i also happened across a $1000 furniture grouping, on clearance 90% off. that's right. headboard, footboard, rails, dresser AND oversized, wide, bulky but not towering tall enclosed bookcase. for $100. martha stewart furniture.

thanks to grandma and her annual tradition of giving each of us cash for christmas, we now have a beautiful bedroom suit. man, i feel like an adult now. something about not having a headboard and living with falling apart, mix-matched furniture made me feel not so grown up. our bedroom looked much more like a college dorm room that had seen a few too many parties, than the bedroom of old married folk.

and you know what.
i LOVE it!

we are still working on get everything just how we want it and we're in the midst of sorting clothes for a HUGE delivery to Goodwill, but soon, i'll take pictures and show before and afters.

and i think if i ever do that again. oliver and doug just might strangle me. they got to rip all the old stuff out, and put the new together.

so my saturday will be:
sorting, purging, donating clothes. hopefully baking a batch of Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. gathering all the kid's artwork into one place, we've got piles and piles and piles. do some digital picture back-up, invoice for some publications, get my haircut which is loooooooong overdue, family movie, and then maybe some scrapping. busy day.

what's your plans?


  1. Going to granddaughters and eating cookies and watching a movie.

  2. Congrats on the new bedroom set! You always have been one to find great deals.

    We make those cookies once a month, they are SOOO yummy.

  3. awesome on the bedroom set! My bedroom sounds like yours did before you got your furniture. lol I think once you have kids (and we've always had kids), the master BR is last on the list. Ugh. :)

    I LOVE those cookies! :)


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