Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hey nena, look!


i use the kids artwork around the house. i cut the smaller ones down and use them on the fronts of cards, hang it up on the fridge, taped to the walls, tacked to the walls in the studio, and sometimes frame them. art hangs everywhere in our house really.

not very many are framed though. it never even crossed my mind to frame emma's art from the other day.

but nena suggested it in my comments. and i thought, ya know what. yes, i should frame it. so i did.

so there it hangs, in the playroom, just above eye level to the right of the computer corner---right above my printer/scanner shelf.

and it makes me so incredibly happy!

not so happy = loads upon loads of clean laundry that needs folded. it got a little ignored over the weekend when i was busy cleaning the studio, and the playroom, and paint. and it got ignored again yesterday while i played lincoln logs with emma, and did some art, and burned CDs, and made homemade chicken and noodles. all incredibly worthy of the laundry being ignored.

so, now. i MUST go fold that laundry.
happy tuesday my friends!


  1. Life secret = most things in life are worthy of making the laundry folding wait

    The art looks so cute. You have inspired me yet again.

  2. Oh that would make me happy too!!!!!

  3. I have a huge pile of laundry within eyesight right now *sigh*...

    I LOVE the framed kids' art... that's something I've always 'planned' on doing, but never have. :-P I really need to get on that! :)


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