Monday, February 25, 2008

random monday thoughts.


  • picture above, by ashlyn. every day at school they practice writing their name, then flip the paper over and draw a picture on the back. so i have quite a collection of drawings. just wish she didn't wad them up trying to cram them into her backpack.
  • what happened to "xyz"? must of run out of time.
  • need that happy art today to help keep the tears away.
  • this month has been a rough month emotionally.
  • feeling rather sluggish today after doing a major overhaul of the studio AND the playroom over the weekend. oh, and painting the hallway
  • *yawn*. i'm tired.
  • watched No Reservations over the weekend. that little abigail breslin it a great actress. good movie, but wished i hadn't watched. don't recommend it if you've lost someone close to you recently.
  • 2 days on, 1 off, 2 days on.......ash's preschool schedule this week.
  • the funniest thing emma says lately "ewwww, that's disgusting." i laugh every time. and sometimes we ask her to say it just to hear it and have a little chuckle.
  • lots on the chore list today. folding laundry is top 'o the list.
  • started the looooong process of backing up all 2007 photos onto CDs last night. still don't own an external harddrive. someday i'll get with the techno age.
  • studio storage idea pictures coming later this week (for those that asked)
  • clean desk is already on it's way to being a mess again. that's a good thing.
  • today would have been mom's 51st birthday. miss her so much.

be back later with some happy thoughts.


  1. Beautiful drawing. That is so funny about x y and z. :o)

    I'll be thinking about you all day today. I know that Birthday's are hard. Sending you GIANT hugs my friend.

  2. I'm so glad you said that about No Reservations - we've been trying to rent it. I think I'll hold off a while.

    My dad's birthday is next month. I'm dreading it. I'm sorry about your mom's coming so soon. Life just keeps happening, doesn't it?

    If a child is going to have less practice on any letters, "x, y, and z" are the ones to miss, don't you think? :)



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