Sunday, February 10, 2008

one of those things that go into the treasure box.

do you have treasure boxes for your kids?

we do and the kids really enjoy looking through them every couple of months and hearing the stories that go along with each item inside.


as you can see, they aren't overly big at all, so i have to be a little choosey as to what gets kept to go inside. although, every birthday and holiday card makes the cut. i have their baby bracelets inside, their first birthday candles, a newborn diaper so they can see how little they were, wallet sized pictures from each month their first year and one for each year since then, a few pictures, video tapes of them as toddlers. that kinda stuff.


tonight though. i'm adding a new one to ashlyn's box, after putting the date on it.

only so in a few months, or years, when boys have cooties, i can pull it out and show it to her.
totally cracked me up.


  1. I have unorganized rubbermaid bins in the garage with all that stuff - I'm sure my kids would LOVE it if I made it organized and accessible though!!

    And that picture is totally cracking me up! lol!!!


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