Friday, February 15, 2008

ready for the weekend....

not much to report, other than i'm feeling like we are slowly getting organized around the house and getting making a dent in simplifying life.

this week i've:
  • sorted and put 2 years worth of bills/paperwork/etc in chronological order
  • gathered all our paperwork/receipts/etc and filed our federal and state taxes
  • doug and i went through our closet and purged clothes for donation
  • donated loads and loads of scrapbook paper to a few good homes
this weekend is gonna be a whole lot of family time, games, puzzles, crafting, a visit to our children's museum, maybe making a sock monkey with ash if i can figure it all out, and cleaning up the HUGE mess in my studio.

and the tooth fairy might be visiting this weekend........i've got one excited little girl, anxious for that tooth to come out. which makes me all kinds of excited!

i might take some pictures and actually have something interesting to share. i'm loving the10 happy things list to help ward off the February Funk that i've seen on so many blogs, so stay tuned. i'll create one of my own.

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