Friday, April 25, 2008

all about ashlyn...

wanted to do a quick reference post about ashlyn since i did one for emma not long ago. i used to be good about writing stuff like this down in a journal for each of them. used to be.

anywho. this picture was taken last saturday. they got along ALL day long. ALL day. it was so cool to finally see them interact, know when to back off, play, learn, cooperate, share......all together. i've been waiting for a day like this.

onto the details...
. lost one bottom tooth, has three four others loose. losing the other bottom tooth in the near future.

foods. she has a little quirk about foods on her plate. she insists that they can't touch and she won't eat more than one thing with the same utensil. strange. she loves captain crunch berry cereal and sometimes eats three bowls in a row. she doesn't like to eat in the morning before school, but she about eats me out of house and home every night between 8pm and 930pm. peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars are usually the nightime snack of choice. her favorite meal is Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (click here for recipe). when given a choice, she wants chocolate over vanilla. chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate icecream. which explains why she loves these:

when she asks for them, she doesn't call them fudgesicles. she asks "mommy, can i have a chocolate pop....pleeeeeeeeease. they're only 60 calories?" hahaha. cracks me up. (no, we don't make a big deal about calories.....something she picked up by reading, LOL.)

night time. she still won't drink cold has to be warmed in the microwave. she gets her own milk most of the time now. the routine: pour milk, push cook time, push 80, push start, lid on, shake, drink. she generally only drinks warm milk before bed or if she's really tired. she sucks her right thumb (opposite emma) while holding her baby and rubbing baby's hair on her nose. and she only does so when watching tv or if she's tired. SHE GOES TO BED IN HER OWN BED AND STAYS THERE ALL NIGHT!!! (yeah, ashlyn!)

vital stats. she's 52 lbs. size 7 clothes, size 12 1/2 shoes, and tall. really need to measure.

fun. she's left-handed and very creative. when faced with free-time you will almost always find her doing something creative with her art supplies.....painting, coloring, drawing.......anything creative. she also loooooooooves to play school with emma. loves it. some of her latest drawings from school are too sweet. she's getting the hang of proportions in relation to space as you can see by this drawing...
but, still doesn't understand it all the time, as you can see here.......she wants to grow up so bad and it frustrates her that it is taking too long. so in her drawings she can be a big girl. oh, and always wear PINK. still pink. everything must be pink.

reading. she tries to pronounce every word that she sees and asks me if she's right. then she makes a major point to let me know that i'm wrong because it doesn't sound (phonetically) the way it is written. oh, i love this stage! it's soooooooo cute. the funniest is 'thursday'. she says in her totally animated way "it's definitely wrong, because listen mom, f-f-f-f-fursday." "fursday, starts with an F." she hasn't gotten the hang of the "th" sound yet. and it's ohhhhhh, so cute. she reads "Hop On Pop" every night before bed. We've been reading a chapter here and there of Junie B. Jones---love those books.

loves. her bicycle---so much so that she's made the tires bald on them. biding our time for a new one.

hates. having her hairbrushed, or put in ponytails. cold milk. water in her face. having headaches (which are a daily thing). sun in her eyes. tags in her clothes. bedtime. really hates bedtime.


  1. what a great way to keep up on the growth and progress of daily life with your children. Love it!

  2. I wish I had written down things like this while Andrea was growing up. What a treasure, Tania!!!!


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