Saturday, June 14, 2008

more often than not.......

i catch glimpses of my mom in my youngest, emma. and i won't lie.........sometimes, it's hard. the pain of her loss is still an open wound. somedays, just looking at my sweet little girl, the tears will start to flow. the salty tears dripping into the fresh open wound; stinging with each teardrop.


i tell her often how much she looks like grammy. she was only 2 1/2 years old when mom left this earth. as we sit and talk, i see the look of confusion in her face and i can feel the memories of her grammy all to quickly fading from her knowledge. it stings....and it hurts.

i have been so very blessed to know my each of my grandparents and have spent many years by their side learning and just plain enjoying their presence. i was married even before my great-grandmother passed away. like i said, so very blessed.

so, now, it is up to me to keep her memory alive. to spread the knowledge i have of her and to continue on teaching them the things she taught me best. that's quite a tall order.

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