Monday, July 07, 2008

catching grammy. or not.

so, i've never shared the butterfly story? seriously? i've looked through the blog and can't find mention of it.

it's a sweet, sweet memory....for me anyway.

so the back story goes a little something like this. it's the day of mom's viewing at the funeral home and a lovely basket of flowers were delivered from doug's family. they weren't your typical funeral flowers, but instead a basket of perennials that i could plant outside and enjoy year after year. and we did just that----we planted a memorial garden, out front around the tree.

and as you can see, the basket came with a floral pick with a bright, cheerful pink butterfly in it. it caught ashlyn's attention immediately, being pink, yanno. so we stuck in the garden too. she was missing grammy and after a little heart to heart with her we decided that whenever we saw a butterfly we would think of grammy and know that she was watching us. that made her smile.

but then, she got it a little twisted around and thought that whenever she saw a butterfly that it WAS grammy. so cute, her innocence.

so fast forward a month or so to September 2007. suzi and i took the girls to the Park of Roses and got some amazing pictures. for some reason, i didn't share one of the girls. i think it was because i always meant to tell this story, and then forgot.

so we are in the middle of taking pictures and all of the sudden ashlyn takes off running across the field, screaming........"waaaaaaaait, grammy!!!!! don't leave me grammy. come back grammy. i love you...........i miss you. grammmmmmmmmmmy." and she's chasing a butterfly. she couldn't keep up with this butterfly flitting about. defeated and out of breath, she comes back with her head hung low just devastated that she couldn't catch the butterfly. i didn't see the butterfly, so i just stood there a little dumbfounded. so, she made her way back and just as she's telling me what she was doing, the butterfly returns and hangs around for a bit, before heading off again. this time she took emma running after it with her to increase their chances of catching grammy.

so, now you know. the kids are a little butterfly obsessed around here. just something that makes me smile.

not too long ago, grammy and papa at the beach sent the girls a card with $5 in it. they immediately wanted to go to the Dollar store. they are both very particular about how they want to spend their money----really, there's no convincing them otherwise. in this particular trip, miss emma continued the obsession with butterfly catching by purchasing a butterfly net.

and she really couldn't be any cuter.........really. no way jose. this is the ultimate in cuteness.

she has yet to catch grammy.........not for lack of trying though.

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