Thursday, July 31, 2008

hello 31.


It's time to say "Goodbye 30". And boy am I ever ready. You have not been so kind to me, 30. I would even venture to say that 30 has been the most difficult year of my life. You have brought a massive amount of heartache from the unexpected loss of my mother & knocked the wind out of me after the shocking betrayal of a friend. Then, you had the audacity to open the door once again to a not-so-welcomed depression. It's been a rough road this past year. Rough emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. But, you're not going to keep me down. Not even now, as I grasp to the hope that is within me as I once again have to trust doctors with my health to find the right path to heal my erratic heartbeat. And you know what 30? In the midst of all the trials and pain, I still know that my God is sovereign. That is what keeps me going. For without Him, I am nothing. So, step out of the way 30, because it is time for 31 to take center stage. 31 has already promised to help me once again find JOY in the journey ahead.


  1. I LOVE your journaling here - and I love all that blue in the layout too!! :)

  2. Tania.
    This is wonderful.
    I hope that 31 is such a better year for you.
    And I admire your faith and your strength trough this past year of heartaches.
    May God bless 31 like he has never blessed you before.

  3. please ignore my horrid spelling.


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