Wednesday, July 30, 2008

our weekend & other randomness.

i've come here 3 days in a row hoping to update the blog and i get logged in and just sit and stare, then eventually walk away and go about my day. i'm stumped as to what to share. that's what happens when life is throwing a million different curve balls and i'm trying to dodge them all.

so, in an effort to de-clutter my brain, i think i'll resort to a bullet list and share a few pictures from our weekend.

first of ya'll know how you know that you're entering the land of the rednecks? of course, silly. that's easy. when you start seeing pickup trucks hauling cattle in the bed of the truck. THAT's how you know. seriously, now. i've seen all sorts of crazy in my life, but this definitely tops the crazy list. (on the road to West Virginia)

we took a last minute trip to West Virginia this past weekend. the highlight of the trip was watching the girls get so excited about riding a horse. it brought back memories of riding the horse at Grandma's house when i was younger.

a lovely surprise when downloading pictures was seeing this one. it's one of the VERY few pictures i have of the 3 of them together. i have no idea who took it, but i'm so very thankful they did. left to right: doug, cindy, jeff (doug's siblings)

and other randomness:
  • school starts August 29. eeeeeeeeek!
  • i am officially OFF of the heart monitor, but won't know anything until my cardiologist appointment on aug 28. still having symptoms, although not as bad----the medication helps. they make me sleepy. really sleepy. but i push through it.
  • i've been thinking of opening and etsy shop (on to sell some of my handmade artwork. but i'm not too sure i want to keep it full all the time. so maybe there is a better way to sell than etsy? anyone know?
  • my house is soaring and the clutter is getting to me!
  • still thinking about the playroom saga. thinking about restructuring the whole storage system to their bedrooms is overwhelming.
  • heck, just about everything is overwhelming right now.
  • i have a pile of ashlyn's artwork here that i need to scan and share. it's about time for another update on the kiddos. i'll work on that.
  • i like lists.
  • i'm a girl who needs a project to focus on.
  • do you have a Home Management Notebook? like Grand Central Station....a notebook that has EVERYTHING you ever need to know about your house/bills/account numbers/emergency contacts/doctors/medications.....all at your fingertips. i don't. but i'm working on one. it's amazing how organized i feel just constructing it. i'll share when i'm done.
  • work is soooooooooooooooo slow. but i get to read magazines or surf the net, so i can't complain. my new favorite website: lots of good stuff there!
  • i am blessed. so very blessed.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're off the heart monitor. I'm amazed at how much you're accomplishing on the meds. You amaze me, woman!! :)

  2. Oh, a Tania Etsy shop?!?!?
    That sounds simply yummy.

    LOVE those horse photos. Man,
    we need to take our kiddos horsey riding.

    Yay about the monitor too!!!

  3. Oh, I so want to see your home organization notebook when you finish! That has ME written all over it - sounds like EXACTLY what I need! :)

    Hopefully they'll figure something out with your heart other than just druggin' ya' up! I'll keep praying!! :)

    I think an etsy shop sounds perfect. You don't have to keep it full - and I think you'd do really well with one.

    Horseback riding sounds fun... my kids would LOVE that. And oh - that cow in the truck photo makes me miss my Southern home!!! :) :) :)

  4. Happy Birthday Tania!!!

    Would LOVE to see you with an ETSY shop - and I think you'd do very well.


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