Friday, October 31, 2008


one little witch, and one little unicorn....who is more obsessed with the fuzz she can pull off that tail than running door to door gathering candy. did ya'll know she had a fuzz addiction? really. true story. read all about it.
halloween for us is generally a very low-key event. this year the kids only went to a handful of houses, which was unplanned, since we were on our way to another house for a smashingly fun time that included lots of kids and lots of cupcakes, lots of icing and way too many sprinkles which yielded many laughs by the parents.

toddlers/pre-schooler with sprinkles = funny stuff!
the kids have always dressed up, year-round, mostly because being girls we've stocked their playroom full of dress up clothes and accessories. my secret to doing that on a budget is to hit the racks at Target about a week from now and getting them all for 75% off. they are PERFECT for Christmas gifts. they get new dress up clothes for Christmas every year.

i was trying to locate pictures of them from each year, but most of ashlyn's need scanned since they were pre-digital camera days.

2002 = puppy dog
2003 = Bozo the Clown
2004 = Princess (the one with the light blue gown)
2005 = Princess (the one with the pink gown)
2006 = raggedy ann
2007 = black/purple witch
2008 = black/orange witch

2005 = i honestly can't remember
2006 = Mickey Mouse
2007 = Unicorn
2008 = same Unicorn

i remember back when i was a kid every neighborhood had trick or treating on a different night, nothing was scary or creepy, or bloody or gory. we'd trick or treat for a whole week straight taking pillow cases to collect the loot. i don't remember a single costume that i wore though. dad? you remember? then we'd come home and dump the contents of our pillowcases into the middle of the floor and start trading favorites. good times.

anywho. i'm rambling now. what do you remember about trick or treating as a kid?

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  1. Too cute photos!! Love those costumes!

    I never was allowed to go trick-or-treating as a kid. I dressed up for Awana's sometimes though. :)


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