Monday, October 06, 2008

Week In MY Life: 9.29.08












  • woke up at 6:30am to doug’s alarm.

  • toss and turn in bed as he hits snooze…3 times.

  • things feel out of place because miraculously ashlyn stayed in her own bed all night instead of snoozing on the toddler bed on the floor of our bedroom

  • sometime in the night emma made her way to our room. most likely because she needed a diaper change from drinking apple juice all night long (we need to break that habit)

  • I attempt to get emma dressed while doug rushes to get ready for work.

  • she refuses to let me dress her…….it’s all about daddy. stubborn and defiant is the name of the game lately. she's starting to assert her opinion vocally about what she wants to wear (or doesn't want to wear).

  • 7:15am doug and emma out the door. a new routine of doug taking emma to preschool to help ease the stress of the morning routine.

  • i shower.

  • 7:24am go in and start cleaning ashlyn’s in hopes that she’ll wake on her own in a pleasant mood instead of her usual grumpy, whining “I don’t want to go to school” repetitive mantra, the moment she wakes up.

  • it works, she’s only mildly whiney and pitches in on the cleaning. until i tell her she's riding the bus. then the daily morning meltdown begins.

  • i finish my morning routine---dry my hair, makeup, get dressed, while she draws art at the kitchen table.

  • walk to the bus stop. once there, she buries her head in my side and covers her face with her hands. bus comes, she waits to be the last one on. breaks out into a meltdown sobbing. gets on bus, sits in front seat.

  • clean, dust and vacuum bedroom.

  • decide to give all the greenery in the bedroom and hall a bath to remove dust.

  • why is there a paper trimmer in the bathroom?

  • why is emma's nightgown off in front of the fridge?

  • out the door at 11 so I can stop at walmart for milk, pull-ups, detergent, & bread

  • work 12 at noon

  • email with suzi, IM with doug.

  • leave work at 5.

  • stop to browse for lampshade while doug grabs the kids from daycare.

  • get $15 check in the mail. overpaid medical copay. that's a first.

  • pizza for dinner, compliments of suzi. but only if I make a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. fair trade.

  • many deep sighs echo through the house. emma is difficult to discipline lately. i’m frustrated.

  • thankful that doug takes charge of the bedtime routine for both girls to give my back a break. every day.

  • hang frames in bedroom. they've only sitting on the dresser, leaning against the wall for, oh, say, 8 months now.

  • storytime with ashlyn. she chooses "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

  • my back is screaming in pain. what else is new? i forego the vicodin and lay down instead.

  • catch up on blogs and email while i lay in bed with emma. she has her usual snack and watches her nightly cartoon--tom & jerry.

  • she loses interest and takes joy in discovering her shadow on the wall.

  • lights out 11:07pm

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  1. love peeking into your day. what is her favorite snack? and YAY on the frames... I think I've been influenced... I bought a bunch of frames recently and yes - a new lampshade. take care!


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