Tuesday, December 16, 2008

for my sanity.

(today's blog giveaway is in the post below.)

i have about 6 lists going in different places throughout the house. it's time i condense and FOCUS. (especially since a few of them are.......ahem, a month overdue. YIKES.)

1. Finish final layout for Scrapsupply January Newsletter. (due nov. 15)
2. Photograph layouts for newsletter. (due nov. 15)
3. Compose article for same newsletter. (due nov. 15)
4. Create tutorial for same newsletter. (due nov. 15)
Take a Deep Breath.
5. Write Wendy a HUGE thank you note for putting up with my procrastination. (due NOW)
6. Photograph giveaway for tomorrow's blog. (due 9am, 17th)
7. Attend Christmas Party (wed. 17th)
8. Wrap white elephant gifts for said party.
Take a Deep Breath.
9. Resize photos for Week 1 Session 1 & 2 for Embellishments class. (due, ummm, NOW)
10. Insert photos into tutorials for those classes. (due NOW)
11. Purchase a gaggle of Christmas presents (my kids and hubby are done) (by dec 23)
12. Purchase wrapping supplies. (by dec 19)
13. Wrap presents (Saturday 20th, 2pm, with Tricia)
14. Pick up photos to use on #15 & 16.
Take a Deep Breath.
15. Create Mini-album, baby boy, for Karen Foster (due 18th)
16. Create Graduation Countdown calendar for Karen Foster (due 18th)
17. Mail projects to Karen Foster. (dec 19th arrival)
18. Order Christmas Card Photos (might just become New Year's Photos)
19. Address & Mail Card Photos
20. Re-photograph 2 layouts for Karen Foster: Chicago & Great Expectations (ASAP)
21. Mail out last few days of giveaway prizes.
Take a Deep Breath.
22. Locate Christmas CDs to listen to while scrapping.
23. Pick up prescription at Dr. and get refill (dec. 18th)
24. Patiently wait for lab results from doctor (until Friday)
25. Make Spritz cookies with mom's cookie press.
26. 2 projects for Little Yellow Bicycle (due dec 24th)
27. Projects with LYB new release for CHA (ASAP)
28. 15 projects for Karen Foster (by Jan 5th)
Take a Deep Breath.
29. Work on 8 more tutorial sessions for Embellishments Class (now-Jan 12th)
30. Relax. (at least once a day, for a few minutes anyway.)


  1. I have a long long list too! Hopefully I can get more things done today! And the same goes to you!

  2. Oh no-went to Target today and NO yoyo balls. Didn't even know what I was talking about!

  3. Dang - you are BUSY! BTW - I like your new banner on your blog. Even Bluey the Beta - cute!

  4. Ok, I have to admit that after reading your list, working/designing for scrap companies doesn't sound so awesome!

    So, give yourself permission to make the cards New Years or Valentine's day to move them to later and add in a bubble bath for you!

    Hang in there!!!

  5. lol... my list is almost as long as ur's:)
    Kris W

  6. Some days that all we can do...Take a deep breath. I can't believe I still don't have my tree up. Maybe tomorrow...I've been saying that for over a week now Lol

  7. wow I thought my lists were overwhelming, never again. LOL
    Hope you get everything done espically the deep breaths.

  8. Oh man! Throw a few extra deep breaths in there for good measure!!!!! :)

  9. Remember to enjoy the season too! Oh and Take A DEEP breath.

  10. Oh my. I wish you well. Just don't make yourself sick for the holidays, take care of yourself.

  11. whistle a christmas tune while you work, you busy little elf.

  12. I love it. The list. Awesome. And I love that Santa in the newest post..just forgot to mention it. Love love love that stuff!

  13. Wow - now THATS a to do list! :)


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