Sunday, January 18, 2009

field hockey is being peeked.

yessiree. field hockey. any of my readers play field hockey? i can honestly say that i have not even a single clue what a game of field hockey looks like. or is it a match? i dunno.

but i'm sure there are people who are thrilled they can now find product to scrapbook those field hockey pictures.

go HERE to see the collection. Maryfrances has some samples using these products on her blog today and she is also hosting the contest to win all the goodies from the Field Hockey set. you'll want to go to her blog and leave a comment for your chance to win. and Alice has some lovely samples to share using the same products.

check it out.

see you back here tomorrow.............i'm off to eat don pablos!! i'm so giddy i can hardly stand it! our last visit, last week, wasn't our last afterall. my tastebuds are watering. yummmmmo. i'm going to savor every single bite because this really will be our last visit. so sad.


  1. Tonia enjoy your dinner. Just a quick note to say how cute the girls look in their hats. I love the pic of them hugging each other. be blessed! Wanda

  2. Hope you pigged out...because the calories don't count if the restaurant no longer exsists. It's state law somewhere.


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