Friday, February 20, 2009

did you know........

  • did you know that i've been wanting to get my nose pierced for a few years now.......with a very small rhinestone? true story. doug doesn't think it will look so hot. so i haven't. but i want to. i think he thinks there is a stigma attached to nose-piercings. is there? enlighten me.
  • did you know that Starbucks carries the holiday flavorings all year round? true story. discovered this 2 days ago. so i enjoyed a Pumpkin Spice Latte, with only 1 shot of decaf expresso, 2% milk, no whip, extra hot! it was DELICIOUS.
  • did you know that i've shopped more in the past 2 months than i have in the past 4 years? true story. Maurice's is my new favorite store. loooooooove it.
  • did you know that wednesday i was on the hunt for jeans? true story. i actually found a pair, bought them, then turned right back around and returned them yesterday. they were perfect. BUT, they were also $78. enough said. back they went. can't justify it. i just can't.
  • did you know that i don't own a pair of jeans? true story. i need to know where to go to get a decent pair of full-figure jeans.........that aren't $78! suggestions?
  • did you know that tonight is the night that the hair goes wild and gets a little purple treatment? true story. can't wait. i'm using Loreal Colour Rays, Fushia Flash. oh yes.......there WILL be pictures.
  • did you know i've only gone "wild" and dyed my hair one other time--well three actually? true story. first time, september 2007, i used the same product, but in the Red Rays color. and i LOOOOOOOVED it! once it faded (like after 6 weeks) i did another dye treatment all over of dark chocolate brown.....which is what i put on last week as Stage 1. are you following me. anywho. here's what it looked like back then.
  • Photobucket
  • did you know that i loooooooooove pickles? yeppers, true story. but they have to be dill. bread & butter pickles make me gag. but dill? i could sit and eat an entire jar. almost did this morning. that is, until my eye caught the nutritional value label and i saw that 1 serving had 9% of the daily recommended allowance of sodium intake. there were 11 servings in the jar. so i quit. i think my heart will be thanking me. sodium + heart issue = not good news.
  • did you know that i've taken up walking again? true, true story. rain, shine, warm or freeeeeeezing cold----like today. i might just get a year. HA. yeah. i have a lot to lose. doug always says "slow and steady wins the race."
  • did you know that i'm already working on my content for the next class i'm teaching? yeppers. never any downtime in this freelance world i'm so involved in. but i'm not complaining, i love it. it's a unique one. and will be an emotional journey. it's called "In Loving Memory" starting March 30. you can join me on the journey of documenting the loss of a loved one as i travel on my own journey of rememberance. i'll let you know when registration opens.
  • did you know that i think i'm out of random, useless facts. true story.
have a lovely evening!


  1. You rebel you! I love it!!!!

    I am so looking forward to your next class. It is a journey I have been wanting to take for -well April will be 11 years. I just can't do it by myself. I'm excited to do it with others though.

  2. I'll be there with you Alex.
    I use to keep my hair highlighted and I've had green highlights for St Patrick's (I'm making green yo-yo's by the way) and purple ones for Halloween. Rock on Tania!

  3. You are such a busy woman! Wow. I'd LOVE to be brave enough to put purple in my hair...intentionally. (I died my hair red in was a weird red/purple for several months.)

  4. I went jeans shopping's such a depressing chore but jeans are pretty much all I wear. I found 2 pair of Levi's on sale at Kohl's for $29.99 each.
    Can't wait to see your hair.

  5. I like the red-I'm a natural blonde. I dye mine auburn :)

    LANE BRYANT has great clothes for "curvy" women (my FAVORITE store!)

  6. got some great looking jeans at the Avenue. I wear their smallest size (14) and they fit great!!! they're having a pants sale right now for $12. Jeans are usually 20-30ish
    looking forward to your Memory stuff! walk us down the lane!


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