Sunday, February 22, 2009

kids say the funniest things....

i'm sanatizing the bathroom from top to bottom and emma's doing the pee dance in the hallway wearing her red gingham tweety bird dress, which she's only wearing because ashlyn convinced her somehow that girls wear dresses, not spiderman shirts. the outfit is topped off with the froggy boots, of course.

she's waiting, not so patiently, for me to do my final scrub----the porcelain bowl.

"i gotta go peeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

so, i quickly scrub and flush and usher her in to do her business. as i move over to the sink to wash my hands, i notice that i forgot to put the seat down so i remind her to put it down first or her little tush will fall in the water.

i'm sure she wouldn't mind though----she's been begging for a bath for the last hour. mind you. she doesn't really need a bath since she just took one before bed last evening. she likes to abide by the 3 baths a day rule. whereever did she get that idea. my water bill doubled last month. i attribute it to the 5 tubs of crayola bath tints the girls got between emma's birthday (dec 5) and christmas. i mean, they disappeared faster than candy.

anywho. back to the story.
so, emma in her super talkative mood today, starts to put the seat down and tells me....

"mommy, only big girls and big boys put the seat down to go potty because we're too little and don't have big feet to stand up to go potty, mommy. and when i growed up and get big, um, get big, um, get long legs and big feet i can stand up!" giggleGIGGLEgiggle.

then, before i can even respond she continues on......."and then. THEN. then, when i growed up i can have flying pee........giggleGIGGLEgiggle. i can have flying pee, like daddy!" hahhaahahaaa.

oh my gosh, i love that kid.



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