Tuesday, May 19, 2009

again. a-g-a-i-n. again.

it's been busy.

things are going well around these parts, just busy with no time to blog. full days. full nights. lots getting accomplished. camere cards filled, dumped and re-filled more times that i can keep up with. spidergirl has another confirmed case of strep.

and this morning, i'm off and running to watch the princess compete in the school-wide spelling bee.

but i'll be back soon(ish) with something more substantial to share.

local girls......did i mention this already? scrapbook sale, at my house, by appointment only. email me to coordinate a time. brand new items 75-90% off retail pricing and paper 10 for $1. CASH ONLY.

non-local girls....if you're interested i can put together grab bags too. name the price and i'll gather the items. you can tell me your preferences in color, style, etc and i'll do my best to pick. YOU pay shipping fees and i'll accept paypal.

my email is -------> over there under my photo!


  1. Now I REALLY wish we were in Columbus already...only a few more weeks!


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