Friday, June 26, 2009

ATTN: Art Journalers!! ('s a GIVEAWAY!)

hello friends!
if you don't know the work of my super talented friend, Dina Wakley, then you are missing out. i LOVE to visit her blog when i'm lacking inspiration because her art has so many layers and's purely DELICIOUS! she's the Master at creating gorgeous art journals and texture filled scrapbook layouts.

i used to fear creating in an art journal---just an overall struggle for me, but after sitting in on dina's first class, Art Journaling 101, that fear melted away....instantly.

dina is an AMAZING teacher with both written text AND detailed video tutorials showing her students how to make art, both purposeful and meaningful!

she's done it again with the launch of Art Journaling 201: Masterful Art Journaling Class.

Dina says, "This class is going to be different than other classes you've taken. We're going to take an artist and learn about his or her life...sort of a crash art history course. Then, we're going to take the artists' style and art and use it as a starting point for our own journals. We're not going to be recreating the artists' work...I'll save that for 4th grade art class. No, we're going to draw snippets of inspiration that can fuel your own work for pages & pages.
Intrigued? :)"

Registration is still open! And...there is an early registration prize!! Register by Monday for a chance to win a set of 6 Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Acrylics and some ephemera!

Class starts Tuesday! But, now's your chance to win a FREE pass to Art Journaling 201: Masterful Art Journaling. Just leave a comment on this post and i'll be back Monday to announce a winner!

now, though........i'm off to get hairbows made and sashes steamed for the girls. they are flowergirls for Greg & Kristin's wedding! it's TONIGHT! yay! there will be LOTS of pictures come Monday! :o)

have a lovely weekend!
good luck!


  1. Dina is one of my alltime favs! I've learned so much!!!

  2. Wow, this looks like a class to challenge me! Tania, are you feeling any better???

  3. I LOVE Dina's blog so winning a class from her would be FABULOUS!!!

  4. Winning a place in the class sounds awesome...but what if you didn't take Art Journaling: 101??? (and if you aren't very artistically talented :)

  5. Oh this sounds totally AWESOME I would love to take this class---PICK ME PICK ME!!!

    I am new to scrapbooking but not to paper crafts been making cards for about a year now, and I am always stuck on what to write in the scrap pages

    Thanks for the chance

  6. Oh wow! Please please pick me!!! I would love to take this class! :)

    Fiskateer #1135

  7. Ohh cool !!! would love to win this giveaway !! Dina is awesome & her work is totally out of this world !! Would love to learn some stuff from her !! Thanks for the giveaway tania !!

  8. Certainly looks wonderful and something I have been wanting to explore for a long time.

  9. Wow very inspiring. Looks like a great class.


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