Thursday, June 25, 2009

is there a doctor in the house?

i've been in a cycle of what i think are cluster tension headaches lately, and nothing i do is offering relief.

they start out with a visual disturbance----sometimes blurred, sometimes double vision in one eye and not the other---then i start getting a subtle pain in my templates. the pain gradually progresses over about an hour until it feels like someone has a vice-grip on the top of my head. my eyes are sensitive and feel extremely strained when trying to move them to see peripherally, but not sensitive to light.

sometimes it does progress to light sensitivity and noise intolerance.....almost like a migraine except that when it gets to that point it hurts to close my eyes. usually with a migraine, closing your eyes is the only thing you can do.


i don't know what is causing them and NOTHING works to relieve them. i have one starting right now. this has been happening every day for about 2 weeks. UGH.

  • i don't drink caffeine and can't take migraine pills because of the caffeine and it's effects on my heart
  • i haven't changed my diet
  • i haven't changed any medications
  • i'm getting 8 hours of sleep at night (but it doesn't feel like enough)
  • i don't feel stressed or under pressure
  • i wear my glasses all day & was just screened less than a year ago
  • i already have an appointment to have my eyes examined on july 9.
i need some other remedies, non-narcotic, quick.
please and thank you.



  1. Can you drink a Coke or is that too much caffeine? I get those types of headaches more often than I get migraines and I've only found 2 cures.

    1 - 4 Advil with 3 X-Strength Tylenol (my doctor has ok'd this combo) PLUS temple or shoulder/neck massage and keep taking the Advil/Tylenol combo for about 6 hours after you feel better to make sure it doesn't come back later or the next day. This usually works, but the massage has been key for me, so you'll need someone to help.

    2 - 4 Advil plus a Coke and peanut butter OR 4 Advil and chocolate and peanut butter. The sugar and the peanut butter combination tends to work well for me. I thought I was the only one in the world who had this wacky cure, but at my last job, I saw a co-worker in pain gulping a coke and eating a peanut butter cup. Sure enough, she found the combination to help her, too, and we soon found 2 other co-workers who swear by the combo of sugar and peanut butter so it might be worth a shot.


  2. steph, thank you! i'll try anything at this point.

    i can't drink Coke (or tea, or coffee). i can drink caffeine free coke. so, sugar and peanut butter, not necessary chocolate and peanut butter? like, would apples & peanut butter work? or caffeine free coke & peanut butter (what a combo, LOL)?

    i'll try 4 advil...too.

    i have vicodin, which i know will resolve one headache, but then it's narcotic and i don't want rebound headaches from the narcotic withdrawl.

  3. Sounds like you need to see your family doctor or at least call. He might send you to the neurologist for an MRI if it happens more often than not. It's a good thing to at least have it checked out, especially with the double vision issues. (((HUGS)))
    Oh and keep a diary..what you were doing, when it starts(hour and minute), when it stops, symptoms, what you did for relief, etc. That will help the doc and you out for a better diagnosis. ;)

  4. I have gotten these and determined I'm allergic to citric acid. So, if I was to have too many tomato products, combined with lemonaide, etc, it pushes me over the edge. Almost EVERYTHIng has citric acid in it. I avoid it. hope this helps.

  5. Hello, I know this entry is a week old, but here are some things to consider: Typical cluster headaches will wake a person up from a sound sleep and most commonly occur between 3-5am. treatment is difficult. Migraines come in numerous types, including with or without an aura, w/ or w/o nausea/vomitting, light and sound sensitivites, and eye migraines. The eye migraines are least common and usually include temporary partial blind spots. Double vision/blurred vision are more typical of a 'regular' Migraine. My first piece of advice is to super hydrate yourself- water, water, water. if you are not allergic to caffiene (but sensitive) try just a 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of coke for the caffeine. If that is out altogether, and the headaches continue daily, ask your doctor/provider about a low dose beta blocker.
    there are other (many other) options, but those would be my first choices.
    (sorry so wordy) good luck...


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