Saturday, July 25, 2009

july in pictures.

i can honestly say that the only way i am remembering over half of what we did in july is by looking back through the pictures that were taken. i think it was the fullest month we've experienced in the past few years----full of deadlines, doctor appointments, family visits, field trips, working, freelancing, and making memories---and i'm thankful for a weekend with NOTHING to do. nothing.

but because i can't just sit and do nothing, i'm heading out to pick up a roll of thread to maybe make a little something as long as i don't lose my motivation between here and dealing with the crowds at the fabric store.

anywho. july, in review....(in no particular order because it's making my brain hurt trying to put them in order---that whole not remembering thing.)

::slip n slide races::
i've always said, i have three kids---one big and two littles. he's such an awesome daddy.


::a visit from grammy & papa at the beach::
for some reason, emma thought that grammy at the beach couldn't read and still didn't believe us when we said she could. so when grammy started reading, emma gasped and excitedly said "mommy, she CAN read". it was too cute. of course the book was Spiderman.

::trip to chuck e cheese::
we're one of those odd families that enjoy CEC and don't dread taking trips there. we've actually been taking the kids there since they were weeee little. i should scan in photos from pre-digital days and share them all together.

::a new baby for emma to love and pick fuzz from::
her other babies are losing hair at a rapid pace. if you don't know what her fuzz addiction is all about, you can read more here.

::you can't see me::
we've had a little crabby someone who thinks that by shutting her eyes the camera can't see her, LOL. she's been not too happy lately dealing with swimmers ear and having to get ear drops twice a day for 7 days. if it isn't one thing it's another...

::indulging in a favorite treat from DQ::
my chocolate, chocolate girl. always chocolate ice cream with M-e-Ms.

::introducing cousins to the historical farm::
ryan, ashlyn, jason, & emma. i have lots more pictures to share in another post. if you haven't been and you live locally, you're truly missing out. it's Slate Run Historical Farm, park of the MetroParks, and it's FREE. and fun.

::shishkabobs ready for the BBQ::
i loooooooove these things, but never made them because doug isn't a fan of vegetables. but, we made them and he ate them--even the veggies. i think we have a new summer favorite on our menu.

::anxious waiting at the Autism evaluation::
definitely another post upcoming on this too.

::many, many hours spent developing class materials::
class is going SO well! definitely worth the time and effort. Registration is still open---just sayin'.

just a little peek into our july. off to get that thread......


  1. Get that thread! And, could you buy me spool while you're there?! Ha. I ran out of the organic cotton thread I love and I'm anxious to work on the next sewing project. I have a quilt awaiting some binding and another awaiting the white sashing and another project just started.

    Thankfully, the hubster is out and about and will be bringing home some cotton thread.

    But, then, there won't be time for sewing. We'll be headed to the swimming pool.

  2. i bought the thread!! and fabric! and i'm starting on the tutorial on kesti's blog tomorrow! YAY!


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