Friday, July 17, 2009

let's go back three weeks, shall we?

when i said the story of happily ever after was to be continued, you probably didn't expect to have to wait two more weeks to hear the rest, right!?........or did you? hahaaa.

to say we've been busy is a HUGE understatement. but we'll talk more about that in another post. i currently have ZERO deadlines looming........meaning, i have a whole lot of free-time to catch up on editing photos and blogging. you might get sick of me pretty soon. heh.

oooooooooooh, and i have lots of pretty scrapbooking things to share too. soon. like tomorrow maybe. for now, let's focus on that wedding.

we left off at the rehearsal at the Park of Roses.

after leaving the Park of Roses, we headed back to Grandview for the rehearsal dinner. the evening was spent in the upper bar at Grandview Cafe situated on a little corner in downtown Grandview. it's such a cute, quaint little town with brick pathways and lots of boutiques lining the main street through town.

the kids were immediately enamoured with the flickering lights floating in water in the glass votives. candles with flames weren't allowed, so these lights created a lovely mood as they were scattered throughout the seating areas.

the lights weren't the only thing they were gaga over. they kept Bart, the bartender, on his toes as they rattled off many requests for refills, soda suicides and napkins to clean up all their water spills from playing with the votives with flickering lights. he was a natural with kids and we later found out he's a tennis camp instructor and has a whole gaggle of 4 year olds that he instructs every morning at 7AM.

i tried to convince the kids that shirley temple cocktails are delicious, but i didn't do a very good job. i remember as a kid whenever we went out to dinner and the waitress asked what i would like to drink the answer was always, always a shirley temple. we now have grenadine syrup in the fridge---for me. totally a guilty pleasure.

greg & kristin became the coolest ever when they gifted the girls a Slip N Slide sometime during the night as a thank you for being in their wedding. they've used it many times already and i have some pictures of that to share soon. i promise it won't take two weeks.

nervous jitters were dissapated by chasing the youngsters around and grabbing them from behind for a helicopter spin in the air. kristin is so good with the kids.

oh my heavens, i can't forget grandma. she has an impeccable sense of humor.

she has an impeccable sense of humor. first of all, this is joe. i've known joe since he was oh, a freshman in highschool, probably. super fun guy to hang around. anywho. sometime during the night it was joked about that he was grandma's date. so, as he was leaving he hollered over a "see ya tomorrow" and then he was razzed about not coming over to kiss his lady goodnight. haaahaa.

so this first picture is grandma busting a gut laughing about it, while warning joe "you better watch it. that girl over there is gonna put you on ebay!" as she was pointing to me with my camera. hahhaaaaa. the photo is blurry because i was in tears laughing too. grandma is so not technically informed and thinks that ebay is the internet. too cute.

anywho. then joe said, "wait a minute, grandma. if we're gonna be on ebay, let's do this right. we gotta Prom pose." freakin' hysterical. that kid never skips a beat and grandma always laughs. i wish i had her sense of humor.

speaking of a very comical might get a little chuckle out of one of my own wedding stories. my matron of honor, and very sweet friend, Nikki, submitted our wedding funny to the GirlTalk blog and was selected as a feature! congrats Nikki........and yes, you're forgiven. :o)

during the party, the sky opened up and poured buckets and buckets and buckets and buckets and buckets.............and buckets.........of rain. it rained so hard and came down so fast that sewer system couldn't keep up with draining the water and the streets flooded. doug grabbed the car and lost his shoes in the process because of the force of the water rushing by. he was walking shin deep in it to fetch the car. we drove about three blocks away from the cafe, and had to turn around because we noticed a car ahead of us stranded in the road with water swallowing it up...only about 4" from the car being completely submerged. it was frightening to see knowing that we had 3 small children in the back seat. doug made a quick turn around and we headed for some more elevated roadways.

greg & kristen's wedding photos & details coming next........(and, NO, it won't take me another two weeks.)


  1. Like you, when I was a child when we went out to dinner the highlight for me was ordering a Shirley Temple. When I was 5 we went to San Francisco to eat & my dinner consisted of Shirley Temples because I wouldn't eat the "stinky crab" that my grandfather ordered for everybody.

  2. That Joe story with your grandma is hilarious! He is too funny and your grandma is such a fun sport!! Thanks for sharing that!


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