Monday, August 31, 2009

any guesses?


ashlyn has fallen in love with playdoh once again. she goes through phases where she won't touch it at all....she really doesn't like the texture of it on her hands--or even the smell. but then, for some reason, it won't bother her as much and all she wants to do is create little masterpieces with the stuff. but she always plays in the kitchen just steps away from the sink so she can wash her hands every 10 minutes.

she gets tickled pink hearing us--inaccurately--guess what it is that she's made each time. do you have any guesses for this one?

in other news........
doug and ashlyn have a new contract. there are no negative consequences to this one....unlike the last contract. negative, painful, consequences. heehee.

i haven't scanned the contract yet, but it's tucked away for safe keeping. signed by both parties, along with a witness. it basically says...." If Ashlyn will sleep in her own bed every night, keep her room clean, and does not whine for a whole month." then, "In return, Dad will buy her a white mouse with a running wheel and woodchip bedding."

say, what!?

crazy thing to get in exchange, right? doug pretty much knows that she won't be able to hold up her end of the agreement, but wow, is it awesome to at least encourage her to try. she didn't make it 1 hour without a meltdown, but she really is trying so very hard to be brave and sleep in her own bed. it's been an ongoing issue because of her seperation anxiety/sensory issues.

dare i say that this morning was a perfectly pleasant morning, and she spoke to me with respect. i was super prompt about acknowledging her respectful, non-whiney behavior and encouraging her to continue it. please, please say it's going to last! i mean, i really don't want a mouse in my house, but if that's what it takes to help modify her behavior and have a few moments of just mommy & daddy time at night while both kids are in their own, i'll take it!

that's why daddy's a genious. and no. the playdoh character isn't daddy. or a white mouse (obviously). it's the adorable little simon, from Alvin and the Chipmunks. she's got rodents on the brain apparently. LOL.


psssssssssst...... before i go, i wanted to tell you i have an exciting annoucement tomorrow. you won't want to miss it!


  1. Awww - Simon is too cute! Way to go, Ashlyn. :)

  2. Hi, so how did i miss your blog for so long, love your layouts and handmade embelishments.
    Please to meet you,my name is also tania, from south africa

  3. I thought it might be Simon. Fun reward you have planned!

  4. Thanks to AE I have discovered your blog. In the past 10 minutes after reading your blog I've been rummaging through my cupboards trying to find my quilting stuff (I go though fazes, haha). I feel so inspired to try and put my 2 favourite hobbies together! Thanks for the chance to win.


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