Friday, August 07, 2009

the road to recovery...

just a quick update for family....

emma is home and surgery went as expected. everything was smooth sailing post op and even last night until about midnight. so easy in fact that it was hard to tell she had surgery. but last night, it was apparent that the morphine was long out of her system and she wanted no part of anything to eat or drink or pain relief. for sleep we got 2 hours here, 2 hours there in between struggling to get her pain medicine in her because it tastes nasty. lots of creative energy spent to get dosing in her and masking the flavor.

this morning. she wants soup. i make it, she doesn't feel like eating soup. she wants a slushie. i make it, she doesn't feel like a slushie. she wants sprite. i make it, she takes a sip and says i want a slushie. and round and round we go.

poor thing.
say some prayers that this gets easier because we don't want to be back in the ER for dehydration.

for now, i'm heading to get her medicine flavored and i'll be back soon-ish with some funny pictures pre-op and another update. but i can't promise when (today, week) because it's back to the sleep schedule of having a newborn in the house. when she sleeps, i'm sleepin.

ps........if you come visit, bring popcicles!

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  1. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Get some rest while you can!


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