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unexpected detours. part 5

a few years ago, i started a project called Unexpected Detours that included Love Letters to my girls. something that i could give them when they are old enough to appreciate them...haven't decided yet when that will be. graduation, maybe. or when they get married. some of the events we've talked about, but they can't fully appreciate with their young, innocent minds.

i've always wondered what life was like during those first years of marriage for my parents and the early child-rearing years. what caused them to struggle most, what carried them through. i think about stuff like that a lot.

as a parent, i know you try to shield your children from struggles and heartache, but i also know that it's important to encourage them to keep pressing on and then teach them what it was that pulled you through. so for now, we shield them from things they are too young to understand and write love letters instead so that we can look back and see God's hand guiding our family.

have you ever just sat to think about how you got to be exactly where you are now? i know i'm only 32, but i've done some pretty incredible things during those years.......and also been on some very unexpected detours. all of which have molded me into the person i am today. never in a million years as a 16 year old girl graduating highschool did i think i would be making a living creating art. never.

a pleasant unexpected detour.

anywho. for this project i decided to write some lessons i've learned in the form of Love Letters to my girls about those Unexpected Detours. 2 years ago, i shared them, in parts, here on my blog---that was back when i was blogging privately for family only.

it's been on my heart a lot lately to write more letters as there have certainly been many more unexpected detours in the last two years. until then, i found one last part from the first series in my 'drafts' folder and wanted to post it.

Part 5: Motherhood.

Dear Ashlyn & Emma,

There is a quote that says.....
Motherhood brings as much joy as ever, but still brings boredom, exhaustion and sorrow too. Nothing else will ever make you as happy, or sad, as proud, or as tired for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop his own individuality—especially while you struggle to keep your own. –author unknown

This author hit the nail on the head.

Motherhood is definitely more challenging and exhausting than I ever imagined. Nothing has ever tested my patience or endurance more. The thing I struggle with most as a mother is trying to maintain balance. I am constantly juggling relationships, family and commitments, all the while, trying to maintain my own identity. As a mother, I always find time to nurture and protect my family, but struggle to find time to nurture ME! I oftentimes feel my title should be Superwoman. Why is that? Why can’t I keep up with it all? Why are there days that I take my responsibility for granted?

I never expected that there would be days I wouldn’t want to be a mother. I never expected that I would take my responsibilities for granted. No one ever tells you motherhood is exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. How's come? Every single day comes with unique and new challenges--ones that I often don’t want to face. But then the Lord gently reminds me that I’m not in this alone.

Life Lesson to Learn:
Allow God to quench your thirst. Look to Him to help discern necessities. Ask Him to set your priorities. Let Him be the constant, continual presence in your life. He is ALL you need, no matter the situation. Let Him in and let Him mold you into the godly woman that He wants you to be. There is never, ever, ever more given to you than you can handle. With God ALL things are possible. He promised… is up to you to believe His precious promise.

From all of these experiences, the things I most want you to learn:

Trust in the Lord and in Him alone!
Claim His promises!
Expect the Unexpected!

love, Mom.
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  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this. That quote is like you said, hitting the nail on the head. Wow. You wrote something I needed to hear right now as I prepare for this school year. Thanks for being open.


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