Friday, November 13, 2009

hodge podge of randomness

wow. this being without a main computer stuff really puts a kink in my blogging. hrmph. blogging is so much more pleasant (to me anyway) when sharing photos + words.

so, again, i'll resort to the random bulleted list. 'cause i like lists.
  • a conversation with emma the other day went a little like this (me) "hey emma....i love you", (emma) "well, mommy, i love you much betterer." said very matter of factly. totally cute.
  • ashlyn has decided she wants a guitar. hahhaa. i'm all for supporting her interests, but if you knew how clutzy & uncoordinated this child is, you'd be laughing too. hopefully i can find one thrifting until i can see if she'll really stick with it.
  • this is day 2 of my computer tower being in the shop to remove what they think is a random virus and i haven't heard a report yet. is that good news or bad news? at $65 per hour for repair, i'm hoping the "oh it'll take less than an hour to repair and you'll have it back in 48 hours" guestimate they gave me was really the case.
  • i need it back now! i've got assignments to photograph, and resize, and write instructions for..........and an etsy shop to update!
  • i've been trying to make our countdown to christmas activity list of something small to do each day from dec 1 to christmas eve. i'm looking for new, fresh (to us) ideas. what traditions/activities does your family do to celebrate the holiday?
  • did i mention that we moved the girls into the same bedroom? yes. we did.
  • and, did i mention that we moved the playroom into emma's old bedroom? yes. we did.
  • only problem with that is that it is about 1/2 the size as it used to be. time to purge toys! (secretly cheering!)
  • and, did i mention that all that moving means that i can now move my studio into the old playroom? (doing amazing acrobatics! hee.)
  • and with that move means i'll be at least tripling my space? YAY. don't be hatin' though. my studio before was about the size of two standard 1970s closets. AND i'll be sharing it with the girls since they love to scrapbook with me.
  • and did i mention that the (new) playroom has been organized and turn upside-down at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks because i've moved furniture (which i'm not supposed to be doing) trying to get it all to fit and be functional?
  • exhausting just reading it right?
  • moving along......i have a major itch to create. i think i'm going to work on putting together a December Daily album this year. that Ali E is super inspiring. i tried to do one in 2006 AFTER the month was done and over and, still isn't done. ha. this year, i'm going to be on the ball.
  • Spidergirl has decided that she wants a Hello Kitty birthday this year. on the guest list? all boys! this is after last year she wanted Spiderman and had primarily girls at the party. oh, that child of mine. she makes me smile. we'll see if it stays that way in the next two weeks. for the whole year all she's talked about is a snowman birthday cake.
  • speaking of her birthday (dec 5.) she knows it's close. every.single.morning. "mommy, is it my birthday today?" no, my child. not today. i think we better make a paper chain countdown this weekend, LOL.
  • i've got a handful of scrappy projects to share. as soon as i get that darn computer back!
tell me what you're doing this weekend.......


  1. wow ... that was exhausting! I will be trying to scratch my own itch to create. I have been mojo-less for a while now and last night, BAM. but then I couldn't use my silhouette due to the lateness of the hour .... so tonight the whirring and clicking will commence! I love my Silhouette, but since I had to give UP my scraproom for a playroom (which the boys do NOT even USE because they are always in MY room) and shove everythign into my bedroom, which my hubby likes to use to sleep in for some reason, and watch TV ... well he complains about the noise. the nerve of him. it was his idea for me to move! okay, nuff ramblin' enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi Tania !
    You have a lovely family !
    I'm from New-caledonia, I like to come on your site.
    For this week-end, I think I will paint (acrylic) and draw (pastel drawing) and scrap, and ... I don't know what but I can't stay and do nothing.
    I have to find a special idea for the menu cards of christmas too !!!
    For Christmas, all family goes in one of our houses (my parents had 4 girls, you see ...)and we have the traditionnal dinner but the day after we come and see us again to finish the meals.
    I have to go : one of my boy has a music lesson (they play guitar)
    Have a good week-end !

  3. Santa called and said a guitar was already loaded in the sleigh for christmas. Ho Ho Ho Ho.


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