Tuesday, November 10, 2009

inspiring me

(necklace image via Anthropologie)
my computer is on the fritz and i currently don't have access to any photos or the ability to use my scanner...bummer.

so instead of ignoring this little space of mine, i've decided that i'm going to share some other little spaces on the net that are inspiring me with a little link love.

  • starting with this necklace from anthropologie. it had me at hello. but at $48, i haven't committed to buying it. i keep wishing for someone to buy it for me. hee.
  • i'm in love with this one too.
  • but then.....i was browsing some favorite blogs earlier in the week and found this fantastic tutorial on kendra's blog showing me how to make my own! *GASP* she's BRILLIANT! if only i knew an inkling about jewelry making i may be able to pull it off. anyone local that can teach me?
  • speaking of tutorials...there is a fabulous one (also doubling as a sneak peek into online classes) by Debbie Hodge on Ali E's blog.
  • wanting to start my own family doodling sketchbook.
  • a newly discovered, totally delightful craft blog


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  1. thanks so much for the link to the tutorial to make this necklace :) i made myself one over Christmas :)


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