Thursday, November 05, 2009

i laughed so hard i cried.

once a week papers come home from school in a folder called the "Monday folder". I LOVE digging out the Monday folder from Ashlyn's bookbag. for i'm never quite sure what i might find in the Monday folder. but, one thing is for certain, there is always something that makes my heart swell and love her even more-- and always, always something that makes me giggle.

this week, i found this's too good not to share.

"The Wish": A Short Story
by Ashlyn Willis
(typed exactly like she wrote it)

Once upon a time my sister asked for a wand and poof there came a wand. also it could do anything. still I wished for some thing and I got nothing. that sucked a hole lot! i achly (actually) hated that a lot! then she asked for a nother wond cause her other one broke and her parents said no and there it went poof a non break abul wand and she used it to poof me away! auwwww (ouch) i yelled help me and poof came a fairy wond and I poofed my self back up and my sister got grounded. I also always got what I wanted if I wished for some thing and I wished for a TV the next day and the next day I wished to have chiken pie pie for dinner and poof we had it for dinner I loved that it achly rocked cause I love chiken pie pie achly it's my favorit food to eat it has peas, carrots and biskits in it just by saying it it makes me hungre to eat it i'm starving right now but I alredy had lunch all man but I was hungry. I love that stuff but back to dinner it was delishis I ate 7 bouls my sister ate 4 my mom ate 7 like me and my dad just ate brokle carrots and some peas and corn because he doesn't like chiken pie pie that much achly he hates chiken pie pie but I love it my mom does my sister kind of likes it and my doll loves it a lot!

and then later in the night I dreamed of chiken pie pie and I poofed myself down to the kichen and ate all the leftovers and went back to bed my sister was alredy asleep snozing then I could never sleep so then I got an idea! I'll poof myself alseep and then the fairy came down and told me thet the wand ran out of fairy dust she told me it wouldent work so I asked for a nother wand and poof came a nother wond and there and then I poofed myself asleep but it didn't work and down came the fairy and she said sorry about that we ran out but i might have what your need I think thers one more wand and there she gave me here very last wand just for me not for your sister. I said no not for her she's still grounded she, achly she's grounded forever. shwo said the fairy she did not follow the wand rules but you followed the rules that why you did not get grounded but she did I said she is not nice sometimes she is nice but not a lot of times but sometimes shes really really nice to me but sometimes shes nice to my parents ther names are Tania and Doug back to Emma my sister when she's nice to my parents then she'll be nice to them and really really mean to me. I hate that.

funny, funny stuff. into the treasure box it goes. hee.


  1. hilarious :)
    and it made me very hungry for chicken pie!

  2. OMG that is so much fun! What a riot she is. Poof!

    (I used to love chicken pie pies)

  3. That is hilarious. It must have taken her a long time to write!

  4. That is such a wonderful story. A treasured keepsake for sure!


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