Sunday, January 10, 2010

adding this to my 'after CHA is over list'

along with taking the tree down, i'm adding THIS FABULOUS TUTORIAL to my list of 'things to do when CHA is over'. it's worth the click over there, i promise.

what else is going down in the house, you ask?
  • the princess girl is counting down days to her birthday with a small stack of post-it notes thumbtacked to the wall. she's been reminding us at least 392018409 times a day that her birthday is only 16 days away.that
  • that same girl came to me yesterday and said "mommy, stuff on my leg is now on my lower back/bum." seriously? yep seriously. i didn't even know what to say. instead i gave her a big hug. this stuff is spreading like crazy.
  • that same girl is grumpy and nursing a headache & accompanying goose egg from running smack into the bathroom door. she's takes after clutz.
  • spidergirl has discovered the world of Xbox 360 games and it's rather difficult to peel her away from them.
  • i woke up friday to discover the refridgerator warm, but the freezer frozen. called service for them to come tell me, they can't find anything wrong with it. $70 service call later and it seems to be working perfectly again. *sigh*
  • i have exactly 20 more layouts & 5 more cards to do in the next 5 days.
  • and probably a few more for good measure.
  • surprisingly my house isn't in a sad state of chaos, but rather tidy.
  • but we're living out of laundry baskets using my favorite laundry sorting method to make it through these deadlines. don't judge.
  • yes. my tree is still up.
  • ashlyn has taken to not only writing notes with questions, ending with the infamous 'circle one, yes or no,' but now they are delivered by way of poor flying paper airplanes launched from the top of the steps that somehow hit you in the noggin every single time. hysterical.
  • today's gonna be a good, good day. i got a feeling.
  • my boy crush is going to be on Extreme Home Maker tonight. mmmmmm.
  • and americal idol starts tuesday! yes, yes, yes!!!
  • i think that's enough random nonsense for one blog entry.
  • it's time for me to widdle down that number of assignments.


  1. Oh no, the stuff is still spreading?! whaaaaaaaaa. Praying for the princess and some sort of healing. Hugs to you, my friend.

  2. I finally took my tree down this past weekend. I tell ya, work never ends, LOL. Looking forward to seeing the magic you create on those CHA layouts! :D

    Happy Monday!


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