Thursday, April 01, 2010

it's a giveaway! *WINNER*

  • giveaway: some of my favorite things---border strips! 22 of them! most of them are self-adhesive--actually, all but 2 of them are.
  • sorry for the delay. blogger was being fickle yesterday and i couldn't get the post to publish.
  • you can click those images to see them bigger.
  • time for me to be real......
  • this is one of those weeks that is kicking my butt. working long hours---thanks to tax season. oh, the joys of working for an accountant. heh.
  • 15 more days........15 more days.........15 more days..........
  • i've decided that living with chronic pain is the pits.
  • i'm waking up with 2 spoons.
  • and while i'm being honest, taking a shower & then blowing my hair out with a round brush is enough to exhaust both of them. so, this morning, the hair just won't get washed.
  • these are the types of decisions i have to make every day. constantly judging how i feel against what i can accomplish and understanding that with the kids there's always the unexpected so i need to keep a spoon or two in reserve.
  • anywho. the last 4 days i've spent on the verge of tears, pushing through the pain, because i can't exactly work and pop pain killers & muscle relaxers and still function.
  • laying in bed all day is not an option.
  • anywho.....enough of that. spidergirl is still doing wonderfully after surgery.
  • but the loudness? it's still there. like she can't hear herself talking.
  • i must say "emma, shhhhhhh, not so loud" at least 20 times a day.
  • the other girl has yet another cold with a croupy cough and more mouth sores, but the chemo is actually working favorably for her condition.
  • it's a case of robbing peter to pay paul, i suppose.
  • a cough is better than dealing with losing all her hair, so we'll take it.
  • i was out at a store last night and not having a great day--just feeling off---and the young girl at the register kept saying "don't stress-out, it's okay." then a few minutes later, "are you okay?", yeah, i'm fine. then again, "really, you're so stressed out, is everything okay?"
  • i'm usually good at hiding my stress level, but this girl could see right through me. so, i was honest with her.
  • she then said "be stressed all you want, okay!" i laughed. thanks for permission.
  • in the past two weeks, dad replaced the alternator and then the brakes on the mister's truck. thank God for a dad who can do those things for us and save us hundreds of dollars.
  • can't think of anything else at the moment......

if you'd like to win, just leave a comment on this post. i'll leave it open until friday morning.

**WINNER IS TONA**** email me with your address please!

  • another giveaway coming tomorrow. :)


  1. Sorry you are having a bad week. Hoping things turn around soon. Just keep counting down until the end of tax season. Good luck

  2. Oh, pretty borders! Thanks for a give away!

  3. oh dear - when the check-out girl knows you're stressed then you really know you're having a bad day. Hope things pick up soon. xx

  4. I've never seen these borders before, I likes! :)
    Since it's a new month I hope things getting better soon!

  5. I love border stips---would love to win!

    Hoping today will be a better day for you!

  6. Sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time. I wish there was a way I could give you some more spoons :(
    Those borders are really cute by the way.

  7. You have my permission to be stressed. ;)

  8. Hey Tania! Cool giveaway, but whats more important is we need to get away and go have a girls night and maybe that will help.


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