Sunday, May 02, 2010

oh, my mini-me.

meet my mini-me.....aka, emma, emma gracers, spidergirl, shortcake, shortie......any of those will do.

everywhere i go, and i mean everywhere, at least one---sometimes 5 or more---people comment on how much she looks like me.

seriously. if there was such thing as twins, 27 years apart, that would be me and my girl. fo' sho.

(click images to enlarge)

these are the new Little Yellow Bicycle products from the Free Spirit collection which should be trickling into stores sooon!

i actually scrapped a whole layout yesterday. GO ME! no. this wasn't the one. only one because i seriously pushed around the same 4 papers and 2 photos for a few hours. i was having commitment issues, or something. i finally glued it down and called it done. i still don't love it. *sigh* but i'll share soon. promise.

oh....before i go. do you like the look of hand-stitching on your layouts? (obviously, i do!) if you do and you just aren't sure where to start or what kind of tools you'll need, & just want to learn some fabulous tips/tricks/techniques, etc, then you need to take Kinsey Wilson's free online class! yeppers, FREE. she's got some mad stitching skillz!

check out this post on her blog for all the details.

happy sunday!


  1. awe...thanks girl! hope you enjoyed it :]

    hugs, kins

  2. Awesome layout and love the mini me photos! I too have a mini mee and at 14.5 she is so sick of hearing Now I just cringe when someone say's Oh...she's looks....
    Funny funny but, lucky me
    Hugs to you been thinking about you and hope all is good :)

  3. hey girl - love this layout!!
    how have you and the girls been??
    i had my blog redesigned.. not sure im liking it though - would love to know what you think.
    hopefully i can do a tania giveaway soon !! :) shoot me an email when you get a chance!! xoxo

  4. I have a mini-me, but he's a boy! LOL!
    That's OK... my oldest he is ABSOLUTELY my husband mini-me! Oh my goodness! He sees pictures of his Daddy at his age, and things for a sec it is him! Yikes!

    Great LO!

  5. What an adorable pair. Beautiful layout. Thanks for the link to the stitching tutorial.


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