Friday, June 04, 2010

i always want to remember this.

today's the last day of school!!! YAY! but Monday starts the summer program for the girls and they are in for a boatload of fun. more on that later though.

it's been a busy week on the homefront, so my appologies to my non-scrapbooking readers for the blast of daily scrapbooking posts but i have yet another one today. sunday i may have time to sort some other thoughts in my brain.

anywho...last week my sweet friend Sherry pointed me to the direction of a paint effects tutorial on the Studio Calico blog by Tina Aszmus. as soon as i saw it, i knew i had to try it! such cool techniques.

i rarely ever get my paint and ink out anymore. mostly because it is often met with pleas from the girls to make something of their own. don't get me wrong----we get messy and paint together often, but my creative time lately is almost always late in the evening and after bath time so i end up saying no. and well, i hate to say no to their creative endeavors, so i just don't get it out and tempt them.

but i couldn't resist trying some of the ideas Tina shared in her tutorial on this layout i made over the weekend...after they were in bed of course. :)

it's another memory straight from this blog entry. i'm loving that i've recorded so much here on the blog. makes the journaling portion of my most recent layouts a piece of cake. i think i'll print the blog entry and paste it to the back of the layout for the full story.

can you believe it? this is another layout using baby themed products, but this time from the Snugglebug Boy collection from Little Yellow Bicycle. don't have a baby &/or don't have a boy? no's flexible. :)

ps....the alphabet stickers in the title are from Jillibean Soup (feel me) and American Crafts (better), in case you just have to have them. heee!

happy friiiiiiiiday!


  1. What a super GREAT idea to put the whole story on the back----I have often needed to write more that what I could fit on a l/o but didn't know what to do---------

    You're a genius!!!!!!!

  2. I love your blog. I check it out often. I had to stop and comment on this post. The title of your layout made me laugh. My son is always saying "to feel me better" lately. He needs milk "to feel me better." He needs a bath "to feel me better." I was thinking of making a layout about it. You beat me to it! And I love it. Awesome work!


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