Wednesday, August 25, 2010

spidergirl is chomping at the bit

this girl is ready for kindergarten. SO ready. the question is, are they ready for her!? LOL.

monday morning was her kindergarten assessment testing to determine class placement, but we won't find out until tomorrow evening who's class she'll be in or what day she officially starts.

our school district has staggered start for kindergarten. so either friday, monday or tuesday will be her first day, then starting next wednesday she'll be going all day, every day.

every morning she wakes up, first thing she asks "is it time for me to go to school today?" i can't lie, it's driving me a little batty that she's so anxious to go--begging to go--and i can't just send her! she really couldn't be more polar opposite than ashlyn was at this age. she's quite bored with the daycare scene.

even though she hasn't had her official 'first day of school', we still took pictures of spidergirl on ashlyn's first day. some of my favorite pictures yet! i mean seriously.....that first picture. i melt every time i see it.

i can't quite decide if she suddenly looks grown up or she still looks so small. it's a toss up. i catch glimpses of both all the time, like i'm in a visual state of limbo. like the photo below. her chubby little fingers proclaiming she's 5 look so small.

but then i see this one below and she looks so incredibly sassy and spunky and just plain ornery. grown up. *sigh* or as little grandma says...."she's devilish." you can just see the wheels turning behind that sweet grin. and that dimple on her cheek...........i melt again.

she really is full of sugary sweetness, topped with a healthy dose of ornery. ha.

and she's become quite opinionated. she stated so matter-of-factly earlier this month that she wanted nothing to do with having a spiderman bookbag because the older kids at daycare this summer kept teasing her about her spiderman shoes and clothes. and she's really sensitive (don't know where she gets that from...ahem), so she decided she wasn't going to buy a spiderman bookbag even after long talks about it not mattering what they thought.

so, we took the girls out to pick bookbags and showed emma a dozen "girlie" bookbags, none of which appealed to her. our options were growing slim. then we rounded the corner to find another rack of mostly boring black bookbags with one colorful one hanging, obviously misplaced. she instantly become smitten with it and there was no convincing her otherwise.

are you peeing your pants with laughter now? oh my heck, this girl is too much. she toted it with her to her assessments on Monday and she made sure to stop every teacher and show off her bookbag. i wish i could bottle the smiles that came across their face.

i have no doubts that spidergirl is going to move mountains this year at school. she's beyond ready.

only thing she needs to work on is her tolerance for having a camera in her face. HA. you'd think she'd be used to it by now. LOL. she's gonna have to get over this "no more pictures, mommy" stage real quick.

mama's got to capture the all the cuteness she can get........she's growing up way too fast. slow down little girl, slow down.

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  1. i looooove the backpack she chose :D

    my girl chose buzz lightyear LOL :D


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