Monday, August 02, 2010

surprise publications are always a thrill!

how many of you get the Archiver's mailer? did you see anything/anyone familiar? yeppers! you aren't seeing things----that's my Spidergirl in her kitty costume.

*giddy excitement*

such a sweet, sweet surprise to see her (and my layout) in the mailer. totally unexpected.

i might not have ever seen it if it hadn't been for suzi pointing it out to me. i have a bad habit of pitching any/all advertising that comes through my mailbox without looking at it first. paper clutter and incoming mail is my nemesis. can't seem to ever get a grip on it.

anywho. the mailer looks something like's a long skinny thing.

not quite sure of the page number since it isn't in front of me now......but flip on toward the second half of the mailer until you see the Autumn/Halloween ideas.

remember that layout from this post featuring Little Yellow Bicycle's Boo-Ville?

awwwwwww. into the treasure box it goes.

anywho. in other news....i'm working on a month's worth of stories and trying to decide how best to share them here.

so much i have to share........SOOOOO much.

stay tuned...

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  1. I thought that was your layout in that ad! Awesome!!!!!


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