Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Three Super Heros and Some Fuzz

written by Ashlyn Willis
(typed exactly as written)
The Three Super Hero's and Some FUZZ

Well it all started off as a bueatful day. and then all of the sudden there was this monster that woke up everybody in the world. Then there was a test to see who was the strongest in the whole intire world. There was this girl named. Tania she held her chin over the bar for 5 hours. Then there was this team named the STRONGERS they held up for 5 hours and 1 minute. Tania was very upset but then she heard if she did win she would half to beat up a monster. Then Tania said I wouldn't want to beat up a monster that big so tania went home. The STRONGERS where Suzi Morton Ashlyn Willis and Emma Willis with Emma's fuzz. They where the strongest in the whole world. Well let me tell you about Suzi. She has a pink cape with black pants and a white shirt Suzi was the popularest of the group Ashlyn was whearing a purple cape black pants and a white shirt lip stick, eye shadow, earings, and was the worlds hottest model Emma was a tom boy. she whore a blue shirt, blue pants and a blue cape. she also wore spider man under ware. Emma had so many dates she had to choose the boys she licked that's Emma.

When the STRONGERS beat up the monsters at At first Ashlyn was a model she was just added to the group so she had no powers Ashlyn got hurt right of the bat most people new that would happen Then Suzi shooted a whole through the monster whitch mostly killed it. then Emma was shooting another whole into the monster that almost killed it. Then all of the was filled with monsters the fuzz tickeled the monsters fuzz is the monsters worst enmie. All the monsters where gone, but only for a few hours in that time the STRONGERS played the new wii they had the game mario they beat mario in the time the monsters where gone then the monsters appeared again ashlyn wasn't feeling well so she stayed home and rested then Ashlyn's dad Doug got her some soup and some juice then Doug replaced for Ashlyn. Then fuzz said you guys go back home i'll take care of it my self! So Doug Sizu and Emma went back home. Fuzz took care of it all by him self Then they played a little bit more wii they played monkey ball jump rope. Then the monsters came back then it was time for Doug to try. So he triied and then he noticed that he shouldve benn one of the STRONGERS all along.

So Doug was added to the group and then they added Tania into the group so the other could rest. Tania bounced on the monster head. Ha HaaaAaAa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa. Then Doug went into the BAR to kill the monsters in there but mostly to pick up some beer. Then they went to the happy Happy fun house. Then they played there for a while They had a good time there then suzi and Emma got so squished when they saved the day and ended up dieing. They had to have a very very very very long funeral inside of there house every body was very very very sad they stayed in most of the day. FUZZ jumped out the window and tickeled most of the monsters so Tania and Doug could go down and fire up the monsters. Then thye did that over and over and over. Then Fuzz learned that he coulg make millions of him self too so he defeated the monsters Tania and Doug looked online to se monsters worste enmie it was more & more & more & more fuzz. Tania and Doug took a quick swim and then went to save the day again and then again someone got hurt it was tania so it was up to fuzz and Doug to save the day.

well fuzz first of all you know was the best so he tickled doug shooted then doug whent for a swim after a little while but forgot to kill the monsters and Doug died so fuzz hada a funeral.

so, i guess..........Fuzz saved the day


ohmygoodness. i can't stop laughing. where do they come up with this stuff!? the popularest & the prettyest??? hahahaha. who knew that my 8 year old knows what being popular even means. really?

this was typed ever so carefully on a 'new to us' typewriter that was given to us. it gets lots and lots of use on rainy days and is just perfect for my girl who loves any and all things office supply related. i mean really loves.

just last month she was begging me to buy a copy machine we came across at a church rummage sale. A COPY MACHINE. ummmmmm, no.

and just so you know....Fuzz always saves the day around here. spidergirl is still addicted.

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  1. Lol! I love her story. What a treaure. Thanks for sharing.


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